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fingerpicking songs

Written by: Cody

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Fingerpicking is a style of guitar playing that uses your thumb in combination with your fingers to pluck the strings of your guitar. The basic concept of this style of playing is to use your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fingers to pluck the G, B, and high E strings respectively and your thumb to pluck the low E, A, and D strings. This method opens up a whole new world of possibilities on the guitar. Apart from the distinct warm sound that fingerpicking provides, it also allows you to play much more complex arrangements and when combined with a beautiful singing voice, the sound is amazing.

There are a bunch of advantages to learning how to fingerpick on the guitar. It’s another tool you can add to your guitar skills toolbox and it’s also fun and satisfying to do.  That’s why in this post I’ve compiled a list of 70+ awesome fingerpicking songs you can learn on the guitar.

As you may have already noticed, the table below includes 4 columns:

  • Song title (linked to the song on Spotify) and artist
  • Tabs from Ultimate-Guitar
  • Guitar Pro tabs / Songsterr tabs if GP was unavailable
  • Official chords / tabs

As mentioned in my previous song list post (50+ easy guitar songs) if you aren’t aware of what Guitar Pro tabs are, they are essentially “playable” tabs. Instead of just looking at the static tab itself, you can actually hear what each note sounds like. I personally have used these a ton both when I just started playing guitar as well as even now when learning a complex song. Similarly, you’ll find a few Songsterr tabs in the table below which is just an online-based tab player. Although it comes with limited functionality in the free version, you can upgrade to access more features if you wish.

I’d highly recommend using the Guitar Pro tabs whenever available as it can definitely help you get a better feel for the timing of each tab and provide you with more tools to learn the song much faster.

If you’re just starting to learn how to fingerpicking, I’d recommend checking out my Guitar Fingerstyle Picking post first before going through this list of fingerpicking songs. The guitar fingerstyle picking post will go over all of the basics you need to know before starting to dive into fingerstyle songs. Additionally, if you’re just starting to learn how to play the guitar I’d also highly recommend checking out these essential guides below. Not only will they help you in being able to play songs with greater ease, they will also contribute to helping you become an overall better guitar player.

Happy fingerpicking!

List of Fingerpicking Songs

Song / ArtistUG TabsGuitar Pro TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
1. Blackbird – The BeatlesTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
2. Dust in The Wind – KansasTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
3. Speak For Me – John MayerTabsN/AN/A
4. Fire and Rain – James TaylorTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
5. Black Water – The Doobie BrothersTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
6. Classical Gas – Mason WilliamsTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
7. Homeward Bound – Simon & GarfunkelTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
8. Maggie May (Intro) – Rod StewardTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
9. Nothing Else Matters – MetallicaTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
10. Ghosting – Mother MotherTabsN/AN/A
11. Tenerife Sea – Ed SheeranTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
12. Tears in Heaven – Eric ClaptonTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
13.  Let it Go – James BayTabsN/AN/A
14. Mister Sandman – Chet AtkinsTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
15. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led ZeppelinTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
16. Lewis & Clark – Tommy EmmanuelN/AGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
17. Just Breathe – Pearl JamTabsGP TabsN/A
18. More Than Words – ExtremeTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
19. Helplessly Hoping – Crosby, Stills & NashTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
20. Silent Lucidity – QueensrycheTabsGP TabsN/A
21. Guaranteed – Eddie VedderTabsGP TabsN/A
22. Crazy on You (Intro) – HeartTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
23. Going to California – Led ZeppelinTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
24. Time in a Bottle – Jim CroceTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
25. Anji – Simon & GarfunkelTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
26. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Bob DylanTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
27. Shower The People – James TaylorTabsSongsterr TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
28. Stop This Train – John MayerTabsGP TabsN/A
29. One Last Breath – CreedTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
30. Little Black Submarines – The Black KeysTabsGP TabsN/A
31. Pretty Pimpin – Kurt VileTabsN/AN/A
32. Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill WithersTabsN/AN/A
33. Shape of My Heart – StingTabsGP TabsN/A
34. Fast Car – Tracy ChapmanTabsGP TabsN/A
35. Road Trippin’ – Red Hot Chili PeppersTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
36. Let Her Go – PassengerTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
37. Naked As We Came – Iron & WineTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
38. Heart of Life – John MayerTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
39. Bron-Yr-Aur – Led ZeppelinTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
40. Is There Anybody Out There? – Pink FloydTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
41. Roundabout (Intro) – YesTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
42. Solsbury Hill – Peter GabrielTabsGP TabsN/A
43. No Other Way – Jack JohnsonTabsSongsterr TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
44. Dear Prudence – The BeatlesTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
45. Sultans of Swing – Dire StraitsTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
46. April Come She Will – Simon & GarfunkelTabsGP TabsN/A
47. I Don’t Feel It Anymore – William FitzsimmonsTabsN/AN/A
48. Thirteen – Big StarTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
49. Little Martha – The Allman Brothers BandTabsGP TabsN/A
50. A Farewell to Kings (Intro) – RushTabsGP TabsN/A
51. If – BreadTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
52. Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood MacTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
53. Landslide – Fleetwood MacTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
54. Angeles – Elliot SmithTabsGP TabsN/A
55. From the Morning – Nick DrakeTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
56. Sunflower River Blues – John FaheyTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
57. Neon (EP version) – John MayerTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
58. Death with Dignity – Sufjan StevensTabsN/AN/A
59. We’re Going To Be Friends – The White StripesTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
60. Jolene – Dolly PartonTabsN/AN/A
61. These Days – NicoTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
62. Stairway to Heaven – Led ZeppelinTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs
63. Walk Away – Ben HarperTabsGP TabsN/A
64. Heartbeats – José GonzálezTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
65. Bouree in E minor – Johann Sebastian BachTabsGP TabsN/A
66. May You Never – John MartynTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
67. Jenny Wren – Paul McCartneyTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
68. Closer to the Sun – Slightly StoopidTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
69. Love is All – The Tallest Man on EarthTabsSongsterr TabsN/A
70. Benighted – OpethTabsGP TabsN/A
71. Deep River Blues – Doc WatsonTabsGP TabsOfficial Chords/Tabs

Fingerpicking Songs List – In Summary

Hopefully, this list of fingerpicking songs has inspired you to pick up the guitar and start learning a few. Being able to fingerpick on the guitar truly opens up your range of musical possibilities and is extremely enjoyable once you get the hang of it. If you think I may have missed any great fingerpicking songs in the list above, don’t forget to leave a comment below and I’ll add it so that others can see it as well.

About Cody
Cody is the founder of Musician Tuts, a free tutorial hub for musicians. He has over 15 years of experience playing a variety of instruments and dabbling in audio engineering. He spends his days blogging, listening to Spotify, and playing music.

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  1. Avatar

    This is a list chock full of decent fingerpicking songs. Here are another couple of suggestions to keep people going too.

    I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
    Not all that difficult but pretty satisfying to play.

    I Don’t Need No Doctor – John Mayer
    Mayer’s arrangement of this song is great fun to play and a good piece to learn to help develop your fingerpicking as well as some funky chords thrown in there too.

    Jerry’s Breakdown – Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed
    A moderately difficult piece that will push some players to start with but the time and effort pays off. Also introduces some more unusual fingerpicking techniques such as reverse banjo rolls.

    Good job on the list, I hope to see it grow in the future!

    • Cody

      Awesome suggestions! These are all great additions.

  2. Avatar

    The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

  3. Avatar

    Man in the Mirror by Tuck Andress

    • Cody

      Great suggestion!

  4. Avatar

    cannonball rag- jerry reed
    sittin’ on top of the world-doc watson

    • Cody

      Nice ones! Thanks for the suggestions.


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