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9 Best Online Singing Lessons That Actually Work In 2021

Have you finally decided to learn to sing? Are you ready to take the plunge?  Wait no more!  To learn how to sing online, keep reading.


Learning to sing has never been easier. With online singing lessons from prestigious vocal coaches, singing lessons are a lot more accessible. 

Where can one find the best online singing lessons among the countless options available? 

We have compiled the 9  best online singing lessons of 2021 just for you!

1. 30 Day Singer

This lesson delivers on their promise to improve your singing skills in 30 days.

It has a 14-day free trial too. The lessons range from beginner to intermediate level.

This video tutorial offers step-by-step instructions for exercises for strengthening your vocals and boosting confidence in singing. The technique is the main focus of the course. The course will help you in defining your vocal range, soothing vocal outbreaks, learning rhythms and scales, and advanced techniques such as vibrato. In this lesson, you’ll improve leaps, accuracy, and fluidity in singing, as well as perfect your pitch and intonation.  If you desire, you can also book a private lesson with one of the instructors. With warm-ups, a wide range of technique lessons, performance feedback and tips, advanced courses, etc, 30 Day Singer is a great choice. 

2. Singorama

This lesson teaches you overall fundamentals and enhances your vocal skills. There’s a 60-day refund policy also. With the audio lessons, you’ll find vocal exercises, practice songs, workbooks and special software; for learners of all levels of experience. With the audio files, you will broaden your knowledge and skills about a plethora of topics. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a brief introduction to music theory. From key signature to solfege, this lesson provides useful information that will only enhance your musical ability. The Singorama Mini Recording software provides a pitch-training course. Your progress will be tracked through the recording device. Learning can be done at your own pace. Completing the course usually takes six weeks.

3. The Vocalist Studio

In this lesson, the tutor discusses musical concepts and singing techniques using technical terms. There are several engaging vocal exercises and the video lesson instructions are easy to understand. On purchasing the lesson, you’ll get lifetime access to its content. Using the Live Chat option on the website, you can connect directly with your instructor. New material will be updated in the form of articles, webinars, articles, etc. You can track your progress through their quizzes. The Vocalist Studio offers a comprehensive online music learning experience.

4. Roger Love Singing Academy

This lesson consists of a 14-week program divided into three main courses. The lesson contains video tutorials that will help you improve with each lesson. Course one covers basics and teaches Roger Love’s techniques. Course two teaches how to apply the technique. Three courses plus 100 videos are included in course three. As you advance, you will learn more complex techniques. You can sing songs similarly to karaoke by using their Love Notes training system. You’ll also receive instructions on volume, vibrato, etc., in addition to lyrics. Students will discover how to combat stage fright, connect with the audience, and learn songs in different styles. Roger Love Singing Academy will help you develop greater confidence and improve your overall performance.

5. Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass

In this lesson, you’ll have access to 23 video lessons, a PDF workbook, and of course     Christina Aguilera’s high-quality personalized videos. This lesson will teach you to identify your voice, expand it, and master singing techniques. There will be vocal warm-ups and exercises, assignments, notes and homework. The course is designed for six weeks, but you can choose your own pace. During the last few lessons, they discuss live shows, improving mistakes, and discovering oneself as an artist. Throughout the lesson program, you will receive valuable insight informed of Christina’s personal stories and examples. Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass does more than just instruct you on how to improve your vocals; it also inspires you as a singer. 

6. Artistworks Vocal School

You will receive video-based vocal training lessons. Singers of all levels can attend the lesson. There are warm-up exercises and music theory workshops. Additionally, students can go through archived footage exchanges where Jeannie offers advice to students. The website allows students to record their voices and submit them to an instructor. An instructor will respond to you via video. You will also be introduced to contemporary and singing,  and advanced techniques like singing harmony and high notes. The curriculum is quite well-rounded.

7. eMedia Singing Method

This lesson has easy-to-understand instructions that are engineered to assist you to strengthen your vocals. Step-by-step you will learn matching pitch, essential sight reading skills, breathing, supporting the voice, understanding resonance, and more through its 13 comprehensive chapters. Additionally, you will learn to identify vocal characteristics while listening to recordings and how to apply these characteristics to your singing. As you practice your vocals, Interactive Feedback listens. Performance scores, as well as personalized reports, are available through Progress Tracking. 


This instant result promising lesson is designed to help you expand your singing range and prevent vocal strain or damage. You will learn to sing with confidence, control, and power. As a performer, you will become aware of your vocal range, identify your full potential, and develop performance skills. You’ll learn staccato and legato scales on A, E, I, O, and U as well as techniques such as hissing marionettes and legato scales on an A.

9. Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I

For this lesson, no prior musical experience is necessary, you’ll learn how to master your vocal strength with this lesson’s step-by-step system. You’ll receive a detailed video lesson with the tutor explaining small details of simple exercises like vocal fry and lips rolls. The lesson comprises 86 video lectures with PDF attachments along with 20 minutes of daily vocal warm-up. They are downloadable. A detailed explanation and demonstration of vocal exercises are given. By mastering your diaphragm and surrounding muscles, you’ll be at your best. 

You can find dozens of high-quality singing lessons online. Thanks to modern technology and the growing demand for virtual music lessons. Now that you have a list of the top 9 online singing lessons, the next step is to select the one that is compatible with your goals and abilities. 

Happy Learning!

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