30 Day Singer Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

30 day singer review

Written by: Cody

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

As of relatively recently, online vocal coaches and educational platforms have been working toward creating new superstar singers. More traditional coaching sessions were usually exclusive to locals and people that could afford a bus/plane ticket to reputable singing instructors.

With the advent of internet technologies and online communication, online singing lessons came as a well-received side effect, and 30 Day Singer has been dubbed “one of the best” in several reviews.

Today, I will guide you through my review of 30 Day Singer – an online singing lesson company that’s held in high regard by hundreds of now-professional singers, music fans, and singing enthusiasts. Let’s dive in!

Cody’s Take

30 Day Singer’s curriculum promises that you’ll be a better singer in 30 days if you focus on applying and practicing the teachings in their course. Their videos are high-quality and well laid out in the dashboard making it for a user-friendly experience.

Rating Criteria:

Value for Money
Personalized Feedback
Quality of Lessons
Ease of Use
Overall Rating

What Is 30 Day Singer?

30 Day Singer is a company that offers online singing lessons. The website’s owners and staff have devised a system that claims to be advanced enough to teach virtually anyone how to sing in a period of a month.

Although many established vocalists claim to have practiced for hours on a daily for years before becoming even remotely good, 30 Day Singer presents a solution that could be leveraged to similar ends, only substantially faster.

The company’s promise is to teach any student how to become a proficient singer, even without a speck of talent. 30 Day Singer offers an abundance of educational videos, tutorials, live streams, and a refined, tried and tested learning system.

30 Day Singer does not advocate that all of its students will become the next Taylor Swift, Adam Levine, Michael Jackson, or Ed Sheeran, but it does promise that all of its students will learn the basic vocal & breathing techniques, how to approach different music styles from the singer’s perspective, how to work on their highest points and improve the lowest ones.

30 Day Singer Features

The 30 Day Singer platform is comprehensive, approachable, and feature-packed. In truth, there is more than enough information for students to study for months. It’s been carefully split into bite-sized pieces that are easily digestible and can be can be worked through at the student’s own pace.

Some of the most notable features of 30 Day Singer include but are not limited to its educational online platform, the 30 Day Singer live streams, individual courses, the company’s staff comprised of highly experienced teachers, a budding community of music enthusiasts, and more.

Browser-Based Learning Experience

The younger generations are right to believe that browser-based lessons are the “default”, but that’s not always the case. 30 Day Singer is an online platform that does not require you to install any software to use it.

It’s a subscription-based learning program that only requires you to have a solid internet connection and an active subscription.

After you’ve made a profile and signed up, you can access all of 30 Day Singer’s features from the company’s website.

30-day Learning System

The most notable feature of 30 Day Singer is the 30-day learning system, which takes students on a journey to become proficient singers.

The structure of this system is easy to follow. It is comprised of various courses (all of which can be accessed individually) in such a sequence that students would benefit from a thoroughly immersive learning experience while accumulating valuable knowledge and practical singing skills.

This ultimate course starts off with the very basics, touching upon the importance of proper breathing, keeping the vocal cords healthy and vital after straining exercises, the fundamental elements of tonality, and more.

As the course progresses, more advanced lessons are thrown into the mix. Intermediate-level singing techniques, gradual singing methods, belting, and singing along to instruments and songs are being taught.

What makes this 30-day training unique is its comprehensiveness. All key elements are covered at an arguably quick pace; as opposed to singing “boot camps” that typically last even less, 30 Day Singer’s system doesn’t bombard the student with an onslaught of information. The knowledge students attain is being tested and put to practical use with each consecutive lesson.

Numerous Vocal Courses

Aside from the 30-day system, 30 Day Singer offers a host of individual courses that provide in-depth knowledge about specific techniques. These courses are split into 4 different sections, namely:

  • Beginner courses
  • Advanced courses
  • Tricks and techniques
  • Daily warm-ups & vocal health

Within each section, you’ll have access to either course levels or subtopics.

Then, within those levels or subtopics, you’ll be able to video each video lesson, many of which contain at least 5 videos.

Numerous Professional Instructors

While searching the market for the best vocal lesson providers and websites, I’ve encountered numerous companies that featured only one singing instructor (usually the owner). While this isn’t necessarily bad, as students tend to grow more comfortable with a familiar face, the lack of diversity hinders the perspective from which the students receive knowledge.

What makes 30 Day Singer special is its eclectic staff comprised of multiple vetted professionals, all of which have several years of teaching experience.

More importantly, each professor specializes in a different field, whether it be a different genre, a unique form of technique they’ve refined and mastered, or matters of a more philosophical nature (attaining confidence as a singer, for example).

Reagan James, one of the more popular contestants of the esteemed “The Voice” offers specialized vocal training for students seeking to learn how to sing female vocals while Jon Statham covers singing in the style of your favorite male singers.

Beginner-Level Training

Designed for immediate beginners and shower singers, beginner-level courses at 30 Day Singer are curated in such a way that people of all ages and walks of life could learn what it takes to become a good singer.

The training is split across several levels, and multiple instructors have created dozens of helpful videos to teach novice vocalists how to start shaping their voice, to properly warm up before singing, find their unique tone, and more.

Some of the instructors leading these courses include Camille van Niekerk, Jonathan Estabrooks, Abram Poliakoff, and others. Portions of these courses comprise the earliest lessons of the 30-day training.

Advanced-Level Training

One of the things that separate 30 Day Singer from contemporary online singing lesson websites is its section of tutorials and courses for intermediate and advanced-level vocalists. These courses were specifically designed to enrich the repertoire of techniques of skilled singers as well as to make them more versatile vocalists.

Some of these courses delve deep into complex singing styles and advanced singing techniques while intermediate tutorials exist to teach students how to become more confident on stage, how to control their voice, and more.

Just like with beginner-level training sessions, Intermediate-level tutorials were made by numerous highly experienced professionals, some of which students that have finished beginner courses will probably remember.

Tricks and Techniques

The beginner and advanced sections of the 30 Day Singer platform provide you with the foundation needed to become a proficient singer. However, there are many intricacies to singing and that’s where the Tricks and Techniques section comes in.

Complete with lessons about perfecting your pitch and intonation, dinging your breath, getting better tone, and so much more. Although most of these lessons only contain a handful of videos, they’re all high quality and extremely actionable.

Daily Warm-Ups & Vocal Health

Keeping your voice healthy is above all the most important thing. If you’re not careful you can damage your vocal cords and set back your singing progress. That’s why 30 Day Singer’s vocal warm ups section is great for learning what you should be doing on a daily basis to warm up your voice and keep it healthy.

There are all sorts of different warm-ups you can do including lip rolls, thrills, the NG slide, and more. This section also includes warm ups for different types of singers including altos and sopranos.

30 Day Singer Forum

This online lesson website is more than just a collection of tutorials. While most people come to 30 Day Singer to learn about singing from its courses, many people stay even after they’ve absorbed all of its learning material, as they’ve made friendships, acquaintances, and even bands on the 30DS Forum.

30 Day Singer’s community numbers thousands of learned experts and aspiring superstars, who help each other with various singing challenges, as well as 30DS-related things, such as website navigation, what to look for in certain lessons, and such.

I would say that its Forum is just as important as any suite of tutorials, as you will essentially become a part of a much larger group of like-minded individuals, should you subscribe to 30 Day Singer’s services.

30 Day Singer Program Overview

In the sections above, I have covered the features I think are the most important parts of 30 Day Singer. This should give you a clear picture of what the website has to offer, but I didn’t talk much about how it works. That’s what this segment is about. Without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into 30 Day Singer review.


Before you can access the 30 Day Singer program or any of its features, you will need a 30DS account. You can make one on the website by entering your email address, or you can authenticate your Facebook or Google account instead.

Once this step is complete, you can browse through the tutorials, visit the Forum, and have a clearer look at the website. The majority of its features are locked and only available to users that subscribe to the program.

There are two options at your disposal when it comes to acquiring a subscription. You can pay $29 per month, or you can pay $129 to gain access to all 30 Day Singer features for a full year.

Regardless of your chosen subscription, all of the website’s features will be available to you, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

I would also like to mention that there are hundreds of additional videos that 30 Day Singer uploaded to its YouTube channel, all of which can be accessed for free.

Learning Curve

The 30 Day Singer Program was designed to teach beginners the basics while there are more than a few nuggets of wisdom for more experienced vocalists.

As the company’s name implies, the program is supposed to transform an average person with minimal (or zero) singing experience into a proficient singer, which is quite a feat to be achieved in such a short amount of time.

Even so, I would say that the learning curve of the 30 Day Singer program is quite shallow; the instructors always include practical examples as they teach, prompting their students to try performing what they are hearing at that moment.

Practical Skills

If you are searching for a website that can help you develop practical, actionable singing skills, you should give 30 Day Singer a shot. Among hundreds of videos this website has released, you will find no shortage of clips that can teach students how to improve various aspects of their singing performance.

A student enrolling in the 30 Day Singer program will acquire an arsenal of singing techniques, such as singing vibrato, hitting high notes, sustaining low ones, improving the tone, and much more.

The genre-based tutorials are just as practical. Students that have failed to uncover the mysteries of their favorite vocalists will now be able to with the help of 30DS experts.

A range of warmup and breathing exercises will help you develop a healthy preparation routine, which could drastically improve your performance in the long run.

Music Theory

Even though many young musicians find music theory boring, knowing its fundamental elements could greatly help all singers, regardless of what genre they prefer singing in.

The 30 Day Singer program offers a myriad of very entertaining music theory lessons and courses, explaining the basics of harmony, phrasing, intonation, the key principles of tone, phrasing, and much more.

Unlike websites that have compiled heaps of documents that could transform laymen singers into learned musicians if the papers were just a speck more entertaining, 30 Day Singer decided to break down this massive topic into smaller, bite-sized elements and present them through videos to its students.

30 Day Singer Learning Program Explained

This section is dedicated to explaining how the 30 Day Singer Learning Program works. The system is smartly orchestrated, perfectly sequenced, and quite easy to follow:

  1. The program starts with the very basics, which the students need to learn in order to understand later, more complex lessons and techniques
  2. The sequencing of lessons is outstanding. Each “day”, the program touches on new lessons while briefly touching on skills and techniques that were covered in earlier lessons.
  3. Numerous professors working at 30 Day Singer were engaged to create video content for the website.
  4. The virtual tutorials heavily emphasize interactivity. 30 Day Singer professors are giving easy tasks and straightforward examples so that students can immediately practice what they have just learned.
  5. 30 Day Singer’s YouTube uploads and on-site lessons complement the 30-day program by offering deeper explanations of complex singing or breathing techniques.

30 Day Singer Pros and Cons

There are many things I loved about 30DS while there may be just a few that I thought could be improved. It’s a phenomenal program that I fully recommend; in the following two sections, I will summarize its highest and lowest points (in my opinion, of course).


  • An eclectic collection of well-made video tutorials, explainers, and courses
  • A sophisticated program that is quite simple to follow
  • Suitable for both beginners and intermediate-level singer students
  • Fairly low subscription cost, plus free refund if you are not satisfied with the product within 30 days
  • You are free to preview all of the lessons after making a free account
  • Free 14-day trial


  • Not as versatile when it comes to style-specific tutorials
  • It’s based on a subscription fee so you have to keep paying monthly
  • Not as personalized as other programs although you can book private lessons for an additional cost

Who Is This Course For?

As we’ve already established, 30 Day Singer is perfectly suited for beginners as it is for intermediate-level singers. If you’ve sung in a few bands in your high school and felt like you could improve, 30 Day Singer is the right place for you.

This platform is quite great for people that simply decided to learn how to sing, regardless of age and talent. The streamlined outline of courses ensures that anyone can learn how to become a decent singer, as long as they want to commit to consistent practicing.

Is 30 Day Singer Worth It?

The shortest answer would be a simple “Yes, 30 Day Singer is worth the money, and then some.” The subscription isn’t too expensive; the program is very easy to approach, and the platform is literally made for beginners while having plenty of material for intermediate and advanced vocalists.

Diving deeper into details, the pricing of 30 Day Singer’s subscription is $29 per month or $129 per year.

In that regard, the name of the company should not be taken literally. Users are encouraged to continue using the platform even after going through their first 30 days of the course, as it offers plenty of material that can’t be absorbed in its entirety in such a short span of time.

In my opinion, the $29 subscription cost is absolutely worth the money for beginner singers that want to not only learn the basics but broaden their perception of singing as well. You could run over the bulk of the material contained on 30 Day Singer’s website in a few months once, but speedrunning the courses may be a bit more productive for experienced vocalists.

Speaking of which, the 1-year subscription, which costs merely $129 dollars, offers tremendous value for the money to both beginners and advanced players. After going over the main courses, you may want to touch on the tricks and technique lessons, warm-ups section, or even pop in on a weekly live stream

Should you not be satisfied with the way 30 Day Singer works, the company offers a 30-day refund.

Overall, I would say that 30 Day Singer is quite an affordable provider of online singing lessons, but the knowledgeability of the professors paired with an abundance of learning resources is what truly makes this site shine.

30 Day Singer Alternatives

If you don’t feel like 30 Day Singer is a perfect match for you, there are other online singing lesson websites that may suit your needs and budget better. I would like to recommend a few before we finish the 30 Day Singer Review so that you can have more options when choosing your training platform:


Singdaptive teaches via an asynchronous video exchange platform that allows you to get 1-on-1 feedback from a vocal professional.

Based on the subscription you choose, you can submit one or multiple videos to Sindaptive and a teacher analyzes your submission and makes suggestions on how to improve your singing.

On top of the personalized feedback feature that Singdaptive provides, they also offer more than 350 on-demand video lessons to work through.

If you’re looking for an online singing lesson provider that not only offers videos lesson you can learn at your own pace but also offers personalized feedback from a vocal coach, check out Singdaptive.

You can read my full review of Singdaptive to get all the details.

The Vocalist Studio (TVS)

The Vocalist Studio is founded and helmed by Robert Lunte, a professional vocalist and singing instructor with over two decades of experience. With TVS, you can either take online singing lessons through courses or engage in private lessons.

Unlike 30DS and Singdaptive, The Vocalist Studio allows you to purchase the programs and use them indefinitely. The “Belting in the Head Voice” package costs $149; the “Four Pillars of Singing” costs $199 while the bundle containing both costs $329.

I would recommend TVS to people that prefer to learn from one professor while paying for a product they can own (as opposed to subscriptions).

Wrap up

As we wrap up the 30 Day Singer Review, I would like to point out that this is one of the best online singing lessons websites for several good reasons. The instructors are amazing, the course is very straightforward, and the subscription is decently affordable. If you want to become better at singing, I would warmly recommend that you give this platform a shot.

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