17 Most Unique & Best Gifts for Singers (2022)

Written by: Cody

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

If you thought that a singer only needs a good microphone to perform, you’d be wrong. They need to continually practice and improve their skill, find ways to record without bothering their neighbors, and keep their voices healthy.

That’s why I’ve made a list of what I believe are the best gifts for singers. If the singer in your life also plays another musical instrument consider checking out our guide of gifts for musicians for even more ideas.

So without any further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

What Are the Best Gifts for Singers?

Here is my list of the best gifts for singers this year.

1. Online Singing Lessons Membership

One of the best ways to show the singer in your life support for their singing career is to gift them a subscription to online singing lessons. It’s a very practical way to learn new things while its interactive nature ensures hours of fun are added to the equation.

There are dozens of websites offering online singing lessons for you to choose from, so let me recommend Singdaptive if you don’t know which one to pick. Over 350 lessons are included in the subscription, as well as asynchronous one-on-one feedback with a real vocal instructor.

A monthly plan starts at a mere $16 which gives you access to all on-demand video lessons as well as one personally crafted video exchange with a vocal instructor. You can also purchase plans that provide you with multiple of unlimited video exchanges every month.

2. Beltbox

Beltbox is essentially a pocket sound muffler. We all have that one friend that wants to sing all day but doesn’t feel too comfortable raising their voice in front of strangers. Beltbox is a simple solution to such problems, as it negates up to 30 decibels of noise and will help your friend practice singing regardless of where they may be.

Beltbox is especially useful for singers that need extensive warmup sessions before practicing with their band or performing on stage. Hitting high notes for opera singers or preparing those guttural growls for metal vocalists is easy as pie if the singer uses this handy device.

3. Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machines are portable party-starters. A portable Bluetooth karaoke machine is one of the best gifts for singers. They can not only practice their vocal skills but also pull their friends in to sing duets or take turns recreating a full-fledged karaoke night virtually anywhere.

What sets this Bluetooth maraoke machine apart from similar models you’d find on Amazon is its versatile connectivity. This beautiful gadget can be connected with Bluetooth, through USB, and auxiliary cables. It also sports strobing LED lights and a long-lasting battery that can endure 8-20 hours of use.

4. Ear Training App Subscription

If your singer friend isn’t too keen on learning music theory the old-fashioned way, I suggest gifting them the EarMaster Cloud subscription. It’s one of the best ear training apps on the market, as it is comprised of innumerable quality features, such as sight-singing, rhythm training, and cloud-sync functionalities.

With the EarMaster ear training app, your singer friend will be able to learn how to recognize scales, chords, chord progressions & inversions, all kinds of rhythms, melodies, and much more. It’s both easy to use and install, and the subscription is ridiculously cheap.

5. Quality Microphone

Singers usually have pretty solid gear or at least a decent microphone, so you don’t need to bother with entry-level Behringers, Blue Yetis, and Rode microphones – most singers start off with these mics and aren’t exactly thrilled with how they sound.

If you’re searching for a quality gift for a vocalist, I would recommend Shure’s SM58. It’s a well-rounded microphone that is suitable for most genres and styles of music.

Specs-wise, its frequency response stretches from 50 to 15,000 hertz, has a cardioid polar pattern, and uses an XLR cable. The SM58 is a lightweight microphone with excellent sound quality and sturdy construction.

6. Vocalzone Throat Pastilles

If there is one thing all singers unanimously hate, that’s a sore throat. For touring musicians, this problem is unavoidable at times, but it could happen to anyone. Vocalzone’s Throat Pastille package is a simple solution that ensures your friend can bypass a runny nose, coughs, and sore throat issues almost instantly.

Throat pastilles are basically special pill-like tablets that dissolve on the tongue, taking immediate effects. The reason why I recommend Vocalzone’s pastilles is because they’re among the best on the market – this brand has been producing premium-quality throat pastilles for well over a century, and their products won’t interfere with any diet or allergies.

7. Singer’s Mug

Simple gifts are as good as any. They don’t create as much pressure as $100+ gifts while showing that you truly care.

Whenever any kind of gift is mentioned, most people immediately think of mugs. If you’re not competing with others in a contest of “who will bring the best gifts”, 3D Rose’s singer mug is an excellent choice. Plain, porcelain-made mug with “Best Singer Ever” stamped on it; it’s so straightforward that it’s genius.

8. Pop Filter

Pop filters are used to prevent the clicking, or “popping” noises from coming out of the microphone while it’s in use. It’s a very handy device that most recording musicians have.

Gifting one to your singer friend will certainly show that you’ve done your research and that you care about their craft.

My first recommendation is a two-screen filter. Essentially, a single-screen filter would do the trick in most cases; most filters are meant to minimize air pressure while this model was designed to completely eliminate it.

What’s more, the filter is highly adjustable. You can use the rotating clamp to mount it on pretty much any microphone or mic stand. I should also emphasize that this pop filter is remarkably inexpensive and offers premium value for the buck.

9. Water Bottle

Singers need to stay hydrated at all times, and if you’ve noticed that’s not something your friend exercises too often, gifting them a classy water bottle would be a subtle way of helping them work on healthier habits.

The HydroFlask bottle is more than just a water bottle. It sports elements of a thermos, as it leverages the unique TempShield technology to provide optimal insulation. Any kind of hot beverage will retain its temperature while stored in the HydroFlask bottle for up twelve full hours.

Its durability is also top-notch. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this flask was built to last for years.

Several other technologies make HydroFlask more exciting than basic bottles. Its “Flex Cap” boasts a leakproof design, ensuring that no liquids will spill on your singer friend’s vocalist gear while the “Flex Strap” allows for easy transportability.

This gift for a singer is one that is affordable and practical.

10. Studio Recording Software

Most musicians strive to share their talents and artistic visions with the rest of the world, and for that, they need a little bit more than just a microphone. I’m talking about DAWs – digital audio workstations, which are recording programs designed to track, mix, and master audio on a PC/laptop.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to book a recording studio for your friend and their band, I recommend buying an FL Studio subscription to enable your singer friend to record music at their home whenever they want.

Fruity Loops is not just one of the best professional digital audio workstations, it also may be the best DAW for beginners.

FL Studio is equipped with an array of features that can be used by any musician or beat making enthusiasts. With features such as streamlined audio editing controls, pitch scaling, piano rolls, digital instruments, and a comprehensive array of multichannel tracks.

Even if your friend isn’t too tech-savvy, there are hundreds of FL explainer videos and tutorials on the web, as well as an abundance of learning resources on Image Line’s (FL’s creator) official website.

11. Microphone Isolation Shield

With a microphone isolation shield, a singer can set up a portable recording studio, provided they have the other pieces of recording gear. Isolation shields are meant to eliminate background noise reliably, no matter how loud the ambient may be. This microphone isolation shield is one of the most popular choices among musicians on a tight budget.

Comprised of three thoroughly padded, foldable panels, this isolation shield is both remarkably efficient and easy to use. What’s more, it does not require any installation; your friend can literally set it up wherever they want in minutes.

Durability-wise, this isolation shield is made of robust ABS material, which is as sturdy as it is lightweight. This may not be the most inconspicuous gift you can give to a singer, but it will certainly be among the most practical ones.

12. Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor

Effect pedals are gifts that musicians would normally gift to other musicians. The moment your giftee sees Boss’s VE-20 vocal effects processor, they’ll be thrilled that you’ve done your research and found a great gift that they can actually use throughout their career.

This processor comprises a variety of effects, such as distortion, reverb, looper, and even several harmonizers. It’s as fun to use on stage and in recording sessions as it is to experiment with.

Before considering Boss’s VE-20 as a gift for singers, ask your friend what kind of gear and effects they prefer to use. There are singers that don’t like to alter their voices in any capacity, but VE-20 is so versatile that most people will find at least a few interesting effects to fit their style.

13. Vocal Booth

After mentioning a pop filter and a microphone isolation shield, the last piece of the puzzle every singer should have is a vocal booth. This is the ultimate home recording gadget that singers and music lovers that do not have access to a dedicated studio would be thrilled to possess.

Just like mic isolation shields, vocal booths prevent ambient sounds from entering the booth, but they also dampen the sounds happening inside the booth, making them ideal for home recordings.

This vocal booth features sound-negating blankets, LED light reflectors, a tablet holder, and a spacious storage bag. It truly is the perfect gift for home-recording singers.

14. Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker

It’s true that many people love to sing in the shower, but what would happen if the shower sang back? A Bluetooth showerhead speaker is essentially a showerhead with a built-in Bluetooth-compatible speaker that allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes as you are showering.

It comes with features like easy to use music control buttons, a special antenna with signal-enhancing features, and the ability to even answer calls. As for the speaker, it is powered by 8 watts of power and delivers a crispy, bass-heavy tone.

This showerhead speaker was rated IPX7 waterproof, which means that not only will it endure water splashes, but you can actually submerge it under 1 meter of water and hold it for half an hour before anything could happen to the speaker. It’s a creative, cheap gift idea for all musicians, and especially singers.

15. Humidifier

Humidifiers are used by thousands of singers, as one of their main benefits is improving the health of vocal cords. Dry, stale air is present in environments where singers would least want to be. If your friend is mostly practicing at home and you think their room could use a bit of freshness, let me recommend gifting them a humidifier.

This humidifier is whisper-quiet and won’t interfere with your friend’s practice sessions with buzzing, or humming noises. Furthermore, it boasts 360-degree rotation and is capable of refreshing an entire room in rapid time.

So whether they’re doing vocal warm ups or taking a day off, they can rest assured that their voice won’t dry out the next time they’re getting ready to perform.

16. Music Stand

A music stand for lyrics is ideal for singers that seem to struggle to memorize their lines. Holding a smartphone to read the lyrics mid-gig is certainly not as elegant as having a cool stand, and this model is as portable as it is affordable.

17. Breathing Exerciser

Singers learning how to sing often practice a variety of breathing exercises to keep their lungs in shape, and these exercises can be quite tedious and boring. I recommend gifting your vocalist friend Inhale’s Breathing Exerciser, as it will do wonders for their lung capacity and performance.

It’s remarkably simple to use – it’s essentially a breathing tube with several intensity settings, and it can be used anywhere and anytime.

Wrap Up

If you’re searching for the best gifts for singers, I would recommend starting from the top of the list. Subscriptions to music lessons can benefit vocalists of all skill levels while Beltbox and a karaoke machine are both unique gifts that I can almost guarantee no one else will think of.

That’s not to say that other gift ideas I’ve listed are inferior. I’ve included all these products to help you find the best idea that’s in line with your singer friend’s character and preferences.

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