Top 50+ Greatest Gifts for Guitar Players (Updated for 2022)

gifts for guitar players

Written by: Cody

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Getting gifts for anyone whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, etc can be a hassle. But, if the person you’re gifting is a guitar player (or someone who wants to start playing guitar) this list of 50+ gifts for guitar players is a great place to start. I’ve ordered the list of gifts below from least expensive to most expensive and have broken down the post into the following sections: Online Singing Lessons

Check out the full list of gift ideas to help you out in your gift shopping search.

Gifts Under $10

1. Guitar Picks

Among one the cheapest but also most essential products for guitarists is the pick or plectrum. As a guitarist, it’s always nice to experiment with different pick sizes / types. If you don’t want to just get a standard pick, you can also check out something like the Dunlop Primetone pick or fingerpicks.

guitar picks

2. Guitar Pick Holder

Pick holders allow guitarists to always have picks readily available. The Dunlop pick holder is spring loaded allowing you to easily store several picks at once. The adhesive strip at the back allows you to stick the pick holder to your guitar, amp, music stand, or wherever is most convenient.

guitar pick holder

3. Guitar Slide

Slides produce a distinct sound and provide guitarists will a whole new range of possibilities. It is a tool that is often used in blues music, however, is certainly present in many other genres of music as well. This Dunlop tempered glass slide creates a warm sound that accentuates your middle guitar harmonics.

guitar slide

4. Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Keeping your guitar properly humidified is crucial to help protect the wood from drying out. This acoustic guitar humidifier provides guitarist with an easy-to-use solution to ensure their guitar is always humidified. Simply place the humidifier inside your guitar’s soundhole and moisten the sponge about once every week.

acoustic guitar humidifier

5. String Winder and Cutter

Any guitarist who needs to change their guitar strings will thank the gods that this handy little tool was created. It allows you to quickly wind / unwind your strings, cut your strings, and even pull out your acoustic guitar’s bridge pegs. A highly recommend all-in-one guitar string changing tool.

string winder and cutter

6. Guitar Lighter

This novelty guitar lighter will be sure to draw some attention your giftee’s way. It’s a great conversation piece at parties and even includes strings and a small built-in LED light. A fantastic idea for a stocking stuffer or a little something extra to add to a gift bag.

guitar lighter

7. Guitar Rest

This guitar rest basically turns any flat surface into a guitar stand. If you’ve ever found yourself try to lean your guitar against a counter or an amp and it ended up falling over, then this guitar rest is for you (or your giftee). The friction created between the rest and the surface you place it on will prevent any movement, keeping your guitar safe from any tumbles.

guitar rest

8. String Action Ruler

This string action ruler is great for guitarists who do a little bit of their own maintenance work and want to fix their guitar’s action. With this tool, you can precisely measure the distance between the guitar’s fretboard and strings. To learn more about fixing a guitar’s action, check out the truss rod adjustments post on I wrote on

string action ruler

9. Guitar Pick Grips

For guitarists who lose their picks often or just find that their pick moves too much when they play, these grips can help. You can simply place one of these on your guitar pick and you’ll not only decrease your chances of losing the pick but it’ll also help improve your speed and reduce playing fatigue.

guitar pick grips

10. Foot Rest

If the guitarist you’re gifting is a classical guitar player then they’ll no doubt love receiving a foot rest. However, foot rests certainly aren’t exclusive to just classical guitarists, some people find that raising one leg puts them in a more comfortable position to play the guitar for extended periods of time when sitting down.

foot rest

11. Guitar Strap

A guitar strap is a great stocking stuffer for any guitar player you know. There are literally tons of different guitar strap variations so you have lots to choose from in terms of color, brand name, material, etc.

guitar strap

12. Guitar Cable

A dependable guitar cable is a great gift for any guitar player. This Fender cable in particular, is designed to prevent twisting, kinking, and tangling. Furthermore, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, all you need to do is pick how long the cable should be.

guitar cable

13. Guitar Lessons / Song Books

To become a better guitarist you need to be continually learning and practicing. That’s why gifts for guitar players that’ll help them learn are always a great idea. Guitar lessons or song books are relatively inexpensive and can provide hours of learning material.

guitar book

Gifts Under $25

14. 2020 Guitar Calendar

If your giftee likes Fender guitars or more specifically Fender custom shop guitars, this 2020 calendar includes photos of some of Fender’s most exclusive and awesome looking guitars. This is essentially guitar porn for custom guitar enthusiasts ;).

guitar calendar

15. Phone Holder

This is one of those gifts for guitar players that I never really thought about but am glad it exists. Personally, if I’m looking up guitar tabs or lyrics I’m usually doing it on my phone. But putting my phone on the table is too far away and on my lap is too risky. This little gadget secures your phone in a position that you can comfortably keep playing while reading the phone screen.

phone holder

16. Fretboard Notes Decal

Learning the notes on the guitar fretboard can be difficult at first. That’s why to help guitarists along, they can use a fretboard notes decal that sticks to the back of the guitar’s fretboard. Therefore, whenever they look down they can see the notes that each fret corresponds to but no one else can.

fretboard notes decal

17. Ear plugs

For guitar players who like to turn their amps up to 11, a great gift for them is a pair of ear plugs. These quality ear plugs don’t muffle the sound but rather mimic the natural response of the human ear and thus the sound quality remains the same, only quieter. Unfortunately, hearing damage is far too common in musicians so it’s important to protect your ears with a pair of ear plugs.

ear plugs

18. Guitar Stand

This guitar stand is great for holding electric, acoustic, or bass guitars. With velveteen rubber and heavy-duty steel, these OnStage guitar stands are great whether you’re giftee needs it for at home, studio, or stage purposes.

guitar stand

19. Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are the type of gift for guitar players that you simply cannot go wrong with. Guitarists need to regularly change their strings in order to keep their guitar sounding crisp and full. D’addario strings are a reputable brand name that produces great strings at a reasonable price.

guitar strings

20. Guitar Merchandise

Guitar-related merchandise such as hats, shirts, etc are always pretty safe gifts to get a guitar player. Although, you might want to double check whether they like Gibson or Fender more ;).

guitar merchandise

21. Guitar World Magazine Subscription (1 Year)

Guitar World is one of the most popular guitar subscription magazines out there. If your giftee likes to keep up on the latest guitar news and receive a monthly magazine with extremely accurate tabs, gear reviews, etc this is a great gift idea.

guitar magazine

22. Finger Exerciser

Guitarists depend a lot on their hands in fingers in order to successfully play a particular chord progression or nail a solo. This finger exerciser helps build strength and dexterity by exercising finger muscles. It allows you to define variable tensions and the reversible mold grip uncovers simulated strings to help develop / maintain finger calluses.

finger exerciser

23. Marshall Amp iPhone 6 Case

This Marshall amp iPhone case looks great and would be loved by any Marshall amp fan. It’s stylish, form fitting and specifically built for iPhone 6 phones.

marshall iphone case

24. Acoustic Guitar Sound Enhancer

This little device fits directly inside an acoustic guitar’s soundhole. It’s an extremely simple add-on that allows your guitar to produce a much fuller, richer, and louder sound with better projection. This is one of those awesome gifts for guitar players that are inexpensive, easy to use, and will enhance the sound quality of their instrument.

sound enhancer

25. Dunlop Guitar Care Kit

Taking care of your guitar is extremely important. I’ve actually written a whole post about guitar care and can say doing the proper maintenance on a guitar will ensure it lasts much longer and sounds better. This guitar care kit includes a bottle of lemon oil (for rosewood fretboards), a bottle of polish, and a bottle of string cleaner. A great set of products that’ll help keep your guitar in tip-top shape.

dunlop guitar care kit

26. Coffee Mug

Whether you’re gifting a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drinker, this mug is great for the office or at home. As for the specs, it’s 300ml, made of ceramic, and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

coffee mug

27. Guitar Tie

For any guitarists that also need to get fancy from time to time, this fretboard tie is the product for them. This product is hand-made and made with 100% silk.

guitar tie

28. String Muters

Recently, I’ve been seeing these string muters pop up everywhere. If you’ve ever experienced unwanted string noise when playing your guitar or bass, that’s exactly what these fret wraps aims to fix. Simply wrap one around your fretboard and strings and they will effectively cut overtones and sympathetic resonance.

string muters

29. Guitar Case

A good case is always nice to have for any guitarist. Whether your giftee is a traveling musician or just brings their guitar over from time to time to jam, a guitar case will help protect their guitar not only from scratches and dings but also from environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, etc.

guitar case

30. Pick Punch

A pick punch is one of those great gifts for guitar players who always seem to be losing their picks. With this product, you can make a guitar pick out of practically any type of plastic (e.g. credit card, ID card, gift card, etc). A simple tool that will definitely come in handy when pick inventory is running low.

pick punch

31. Neck Cradle Station

This neck cradle device is a great product for any guitarist who does their own maintenance work. It allows your fretboard to remain straight while doing upgrades such as changing the electronics, cleaning the guitar, or replacing the strings.

neck cradle

Gifts Under $50

32. Wall Axe Guitar Hanger

Guitar players love to show off their instruments. So a great way to help them do that is to get them a wall hanger so that they can put their guitar on display where everyone can see it when they walk into the room. These Wall Axe hangers are great if you want to save space and not only hang up your guitar but also your guitar’s accessories.

wall axe guitar hanger

33. iPhone Guitar Adapter

The iRig adapter allows guitarists to easily plug their guitars into their iOS devices (iPhone, tablet, etc). This gadget, paired with the proper app, will let them use a ton of software-based amps, pedals, and effects.

iphone guitar adapter

34. G7th Capo

I previously wrote a G7th capo review and can honestly say it is the best guitar capo I’ve ever used. It’s extremely sleek, has an easy-to-use, adjustment tension mechanism and doesn’t effect the tuning of your guitar. They also come with a lifetime warranty and are they’re truly built to last.

g7th capo gift

35. Guitar Cheese Board

This makes for a great gift for anyone who loves music and entertaining. The guitar-shaped cheese board and tool set includes: one waiters’ style corkscrew, one pointed-tip cheese knife and one hard cheese knife/chisel. Because what’s better than food, drink, and guitars?

guitar cheese board

36. Chordbuddy

If you want to get a gift for someone who wants to learn how to play the guitar, Chordbuddy is a great way to get them started. The device basically sits on top of the first three frets of the guitar’s fretboard and allows the guitarist to press down on the buttons to make the chord shapes instead of the actual strings. Over time, guitarists will strengthen their fingers and gradually use the Chordbuddy less and less. Check out my full Chordbuddy review.

chordbuddy gift

37. Mini Guitar Amp

This mini guitar amp is great to just pick up and go with. It’s a 1-watt amp that comes with a range of features including volume, tone, overdrive, a headphone jack, and can be powered via a power adapter as well as a 9V battery. It also comes with a clip on the back that you can use to attach to your belt and will be sure to provide hours of practice time.

mini guitar amp

Gifts Under $100

38. Guitar Pro Software

Guitar Pro is, in my opinion, one of the best pieces of software to help further your guitar playing skills and easily learn new songs through playable midi-based tabs. This piece of software literally has a ton of features from chord tables, to scale tools, and great sounding midi instruments. This is definitely a recommended purchase for ANY guitarist.

guitar pro software

39. Cigar Box Guitar

If your giftee likes the sound of cigar box guitars this is a great gift for them. This cigar box guitar kit comes will all of the necessary parts you need to assemble it within an hour or so. It’s a 3 stringed guitar that will be sure to turn some heads when you bring it out in public.

cigar box guitar

40. Roadie Automatic Tuner

The Roadie tuner is a really cool product that can automatically tune your guitar’s strings to the perfect pitch every time. It comes with a handy app that you can use to keep track of different guitars, set custom tunings, etc. It’ll even let you know when it’s time to change your strings!

roadie tuner gift

41. Ebow

The Ebow is a tool that allows you to produce sounds on your guitar that would otherwise not be possible. With it, you can mimic the sounds of strings, horns, and woodwinds. It’s a tool that has been used by a bunch of popular musicians such as Phil Collins, David Bowie, Van Halen, U2, etc.


42. Audio Interface

If your giftee likes to record their own music, then a solid audio interface is a must. This interface will allow them to plug directly into the system so that they can record through the digital audio workstation (DAW) or their choice. This audio interface in particular even comes with a free version of Pro Tools, which one of the most popular recording programs out there.

audio interface

Gifts Between $100 – $500

43. Boss Guitar Pedals

Any guitarist knows that they can never have too many pedals. If you know your giftee well enough to know what their pedal collection looks like, consider getting them a boss guitar pedal that they can add to their collection. Because with guitar pedals, the more the merrier.

boss guitar pedal

44. Electric Guitar Pickups

Upgrading a guitar’s pickups can greatly help in improving its tone and sound. If your giftee is a bit of a handyman or handywoman who isn’t scared to do their own guitar maintenance work, a new set of electric guitar pickups is one of those gifts for guitar players that can greatly improve the sound of their existing guitar.

guitar pickups

45. Wireless Guitar System

Wireless guitar systems are great for performers since the guitarist doesn’t have to worry about lugging around extra cables or even worse, tripping over them on stage. This system has a range of more than 100-feet and has a 4-5 hour battery life (comes with a rechargeable lithium battery).

wireless guitar system

46. Bias FX Software

Bias FX is one of the best guitar amp and effect pedal simulation software currently out on the market. It allows you to create your own stack or pick from a set of pre-existing setups. I’ve tried this software out myself and can honestly say that the sound quality that comes out of this simulation software is amazing.

bias fx

47. Acoustic Travel Guitar

If your giftee loves to travel and bring their guitar with them wherever they go, this compact travel guitar is a great idea. It weighs only 2.4 lbs has 15 frets and is much easier to lug around than a full-sized acoustic guitar. Great for campfires or cross-country road trips.

travel guitar

48. Beginner Electric Guitar Pack

If you know someone who has also wanted to play the guitar but just hasn’t got around to getting one, this electric guitar starter pack has everything they need. It comes with an electric guitar, 10-watt amp, tuner, instructional DVD, gig bag, cable, strap, and picks.

beginner guitar pack

49. DIY Guitar Kit

For the handy type that likes to build their own things, consider getting them a DIY guitar kit. These kits are considerably cheaper than buying a brand new guitar and give the guitarist the opportunity to fully customize it themselves. They can apply their own artwork to it, change out any of the parts, and make it completely their own.

Take $10 OFF your DIY guitar kit purchased from The Fret Wire by using the coupon code: musiciantuts at checkout.

custom guitar kit

50. Marshall Amp Mini Fridge

This Marshall amp mini fridge would be a great addition to any man cave. It’s 4.4 Cu. Ft. and has authentic Marshall logos. Additionally, the controls can actually turn and the knobs even go up to 11.

mini fridge

51. Full-Size Guitar Amp

Last but not least, if you want to get your giftee a real full-sized guitar amp, you can’t go wrong with the 100-watt Fender Champion. It’s a great practice amp and affordable stage amp that comes with various tones and effects such as digital reverb, chorus, delay, vibrato, and spacial effect.

guitar amp

Gifts for Guitar Players – In Summary

Hopefully, this list of 50+ gifts for guitar players has helped you come up with a few ideas of what you can get that special someone for Christmas, their birthday, or whatever the occasion. If you know of any other awesome gifts for guitar players, leave a comment in the comments section below.

Happy gifting 🙂

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