12 Best Online Guitar Lessons In 2022 (Get Started for Free)

Written by: Cody

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

You’ve probably seen countless ads from guitar teaching companies while browsing YouTube, so it’s only natural that you’ve at least once thought about enrolling. While you’ve been proverbially bombarded by websites that have probably spent more money on social media campaigns than on actual content and staff, some of them may actually be pretty good.

However, the fact remains that among the thousands of emerging online guitar lesson companies, only a few dozen are reputable, trustworthy services. Today, I plan to dive deep into the best online guitar lessons in 2022, so if you’ve been wondering where to put your money, let’s dissect these platforms so you can make an educated decision.

Want to jump straight to my top picks? Here are my top 3 favorite online guitar lesson websites below:

Guitar Tricks

Learn how to play guitar with the best free online guitar lessons available. For both beginner guitar and advanced, our 11,000 video lessons will have you playing easy guitar songs in no time!

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Online guitar lessons from pro instructors. Learn guitar online with JamPlay and join this community of 500k+ guitarists and aspiring musicians.

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Learn how to play guitar with free online guitar lessons and interactive video guitar courses at TrueFire, the world’s most comprehensive library of guitar instruction.

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Disclosure: I may earn a commission for certain products in this article. All recommendations are genuine and verified by myself!

What Are the Best Online Guitar Lessons In 2022?

Here is my list of the 12 best online guitar lessons to help you become a better guitarist in 2022.

1. Guitar Tricks

Verdict: Best Overall


Guitar Tricks is a multi-award-winning platform offering premium online guitar lessons for players at all skill levels. Some of the reasons why Guitar Tricks is counted among the best online guitar lesson platforms include a massive library of jam tracks and song tutorials, a comprehensive song library and database of music theory and well over 11,000 online guitar lessons, and an abundance of learning material recorded by top-tier professionals.

Another distinctive advantage of engaging Guitar Tricks online lessons is the comprehensive core learning system dedicated to all beginner to advanced level players. Guitar Tricks’ Guitar Fundamentals program was specifically designed to teach new learners the very basics or to help intermediates remember some of the most important concepts of music theory.

Guitar Tricks also provides its students with an opportunity to specialize in a style of their choosing, whether it be blues, country, jazz, rock, or acoustic. These learning paths are split across levels, helping students progress at a steady pace while providing comprehensive education regarding the chosen style.

Additionally, Guitar Tricks is accessible via iOS and Android smartphones; the app can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple App Store for free, although students still need an account to use it. The Guitar Tricks account is free to make, and the basic account provides access to 24 free lessons. It also stands out among companies that offer free trials, providing its students with two weeks of free content and free sample lessons during this time.

Guitar Tricks video review

Key Features

  • A comprehensive song library consisting of more than 11,000 songs, song tutorials, guitar courses, jam tracks, and online guitar lessons
  • World-class instructors, including Geoff Earley, Jinx Jones, Joel Van Dijk, Anders Mouridsen, Barrett Tagliarino, Christopher Schlegel, Hunter Perrin, and more
  • 14-day free trial
  • Suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced players
  • A well-designed core learning system split into levels of Guitar Fundamentals
  • A variety of personalized features, including bookmarking, history, and more
  • Community features, such as personalized avatars, profiles, direct messages, and the ability to upload personal content to Guitar Tricks blogs
  • A Toolbox comprised of scale finder, jam station, chord finger, reference tuner, fretboard trainer, chord charts, guitar glossary, tabs, and fretboard diagram tools
  • iOS Android-compatible app


Guitar Tricks is a paid online guitar lessons service, although new learners and beginners can still use the platform to learn the ropes for free. Making a Guitar Tricks account is also free, which can also be used to access the 14-day free trial, which unlocks all online guitar lessons, video tutorials, tools, and provides access to the community blogs.

To use Guitar Tricks after the free trial period expires, the user needs to subscribe to the platform, which costs $19.95 per month (which amounts to $239.40 annually). Alternatively, students can choose the yearly subscription package, which costs $179.99. This essentially saves $59.41 on a yearly basis, although it is conditioned by the annual commitment.

Who Is This For?

Guitar Tricks is great for practically anyone. Learning the guitar fundamentals is easy, as this online guitar lessons platform offers thousands of guitar courses suitable for guitar players of all skill levels and ages.

It can be argued that Guitar Tricks is the best online guitar lessons platform for beginners while still being remarkably valuable for intermediate and advanced guitarists. The majority of tools and guitar courses are geared towards teaching new learners what playing guitar is supposed to be like.

The bottom line is, the comprehensive online learning experience offered by Guitar Tricks caters well to the needs of advanced players as well, as there are over ten thousand guitar courses and learning resources for those that want to learn guitar’s biggest mysteries.

Get started with Guitar Tricks.

Read my full Guitar Tricks review.

2. Jamplay

Verdict: Runner-up


Whether you’re a blues country beginner, or a skilled multi-instrumentalist wanting to play the guitar a bit better, JamPlay may be the best guitar lesson platform for you.

Guitar Tricks and JamPlay have a lot in common – both are world-class online guitar lessons platforms that boast hundreds of video lessons, thousands of online lessons, and learning material for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, and they both make learning guitar a breeze.

One of the most impressive feats JamPlay was able to accomplish was building a well-rounded roster of professional teachers that offer 6,152 years of combined teaching and playing experience. JamPlay is home to 137 professional guitar players and teachers that have taught thousands how to play guitar in record time.

With custom learning toolkits, JamPlay offers new students an opportunity to cherry-pick the fragments of guitar lessons they want to learn; each toolkit features different guitar courses, online lessons, video lessons, jam tracks, and each toolkit is versatile, but leaning toward a particular style of music. For instance, for guitar players wishing to master blues guitar online, the Blues Essentials Kit has everything needed for beginners to learn guitar techniques and tricks of this particular genre.

JamPlay video review

Key Features

  • Enormous song library that includes over 7,000 online lessons, video lessons, electric guitar online courses, acoustic guitar tutorials, and live lessons
  • Well-suited for rookie guitar players, beginner intermediates, as well as intermediate or advanced players
  • Learning guitar online with JamPlay is a breeze, as the brand offers 137 instructors with over 6,000 years of combined experience
  • Fully tailored content designed to cater to the needs of beginner to intermediate level players
  • Dozens of music styles and genres are covered, including blues country, acoustic guitar, rock, metal, classical, and everything in between
  • Comprehensive free and paid toolkits featuring additional learning content
  • 7-day free trial, as well as numerous free toolboxes that can be picked up at checkout
  • Money-back guarantee


Flexible membership is a pretty interesting feature of JamPlay, as it allows the beginner to intermediate learners an opportunity to pick a plan that fits their particular needs and budgets, as opposed to many online guitar lessons platforms that have a strict pricing plan.

The main subscription for JamPlay’s guitar lessons online costs $19.95 per month, the yearly plan costs $13.33 per month, and the yearly Pro plan costs $24.99 per month.

JamPlay also offers a 7-day free trial, as well as a money-back guarantee during the first week on all purchases. It can be argued that JamPlay is one of the best online guitar lessons platforms for greenhorns, beginner intermediates on a tight cash-strapped budget looking for quality guitar lessons online, mainly due to JamPlay’s versatile pricing options.

Who Is This For?

JamPlay is among the best online guitar lessons platforms for immediate beginners, intermediate and advanced players, but it’s mainly designed to help new learners tackle the basics and intermediates refine their guitar skills.

With special courses and toolboxes dedicated to blues country, acoustic guitar, rock bundles, and folk essentials, it can be safely said that this is among the most versatile, if not the best guitar lessons online services for anyone into playing the guitar.

Read my full Jamplay review.

3. Truefire

Verdict: Largest Selection of Guitar Lessons


The database of Truefire’s online guitar lessons is widely acclaimed among the most voluminous ones, encompassing tens of thousands of tutorials and video lessons, excluding the personalized one-on-one sessions and private lessons that subscribers are privy to.

What separates Truefire from its contemporaries is the fact that this platform is expanding at a rapid pace. Merely a few years ago, their database featured roughly 40,000 jam tracks, lessons, and video tutorials; fast-forward to today, Truefire’s database numbers more than 51,770 lessons and is consistently updating its song library on a daily basis.

Helmed by professional instructors and guitar players, Truefire offers a comfortable learning experience. Students get to decide whether they want to specialize in a particular genre or style or follow a versatile, all-encompassing learning path revolving around the fundamental aspects of the country, jazz, blues, rock, and country.

Some of the most reputable high-profile instructors teaching at Truefire include the infamous Joe Bonamassa, Tommy Emmanuel, Greg Koch, Josh Smith, Tim Pierce, Jeff McErlain, Andy Wood, and the world-famous Steve Vai.

Truefire video review

Key Features

  • Over 51,770 guitar lessons, tutorials, explainers, and songs are contained in a well-organized library
  • 1-on-1 video lessons and live courses
  • Helmed by dozens of world-famous guitarists, such as Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, and Tommy Emmanuel
  • Numerous instructional books available for purchase on the Truefire site
  • iOS and Android integrations
  • 30-day free trial and free membership with limited features available


Among all the online guitar lesson services covered so far, Truefire offers the most generous free trial period – students can use the Truefire app for free over the course of 30 days. Unlimited free membership is also an option, although some of the features will be locked for non-subscribers.

The monthly subscription costs $19 while the annual plan costs $149, which comes to a savings of $79 per year.

Who Is This For?

Truefire guitar lessons are perfect for guitar learners that want the best training money can afford. Aside from the fact that this platform is fairly approachable price-wise, the staggering amount of learning material presented by world-class musicians speaks volumes about its quality and worth.

Everyone from beginners to the most seasoned veterans can find value in engaging Truefire’s online lesson services.

4. Fender Play

Verdict: Best If You’re on a Budget


Learning guitar online can be a daunting experience for some beginners. Lacking the guitar skills and knowledge about the basic terms and techniques is something that prevents many people from ever approaching certain online guitar lessons and platforms, and that’s precisely what Fender Play was aware of before its official app was launched.

Heavily acclaimed by Guitar World and dozens of professionals, Fender Play is easily one of the best online guitar lessons platforms that offer a myriad of song lessons and video lessons, a thoroughly enjoyable experience for its students learning guitar, and an enviable library of online guitar lessons.

The Fender Play guitar community is one of its most distinctive features, as students can seamlessly connect and share their progress between one another and their instructors, but also participate in weekly giveaways, and dive deep into more challenging online guitar lessons with their new friends.

Fender Play boasts over 3,000 online lessons, tutorials, song lessons, backing tracks, video lessons, and pre-recorded tunes, which allows its students to jam along to their favorite tunes, explore deep cuts of their top artists, and find playthroughs of the most popular songs.

Fender Play video review

Key Features

  • More than 3,000 tutorials, electric guitar playthroughs, online guitar lessons, and explainer videos
  • Heavily acclaimed by Guitar World and numerous professional guitar players
  • Excellent suitability for intermediate and advanced players while being one of the best online guitar lessons platforms for beginners
  • Numerous app-based tools and engaging events (weekly giveaways, chord challenges, and such)
  • An eclectic collection of songs and albums from world-class and up-and-coming artists
  • A rapidly-growing Fender Play guitar community
  • 7-day free trial and fairly low monthly subscription fees
  • App compatible with both iOS and Android devices


Although Fender Play doesn’t offer pricing plan options that are as flexible as those of Jamplay or Guitar Tricks, the fact that it’s both cheap and remarkably versatile service makes it one of the best online guitar lessons platforms available on the market.

Fender Play offers a monthly plan subscription, which costs $19.99 per month, and the annual plan subscription which costs $150 in total ($12.50 per month).

Who Is This For?

Although intermediate and advanced players can efficiently use Fender Play’s services, their online guitar lessons are mainly suited for beginners and beginner intermediates. Fender Play is very intuitive and easy to use, and it’s jam-packed with a variety of unique features that can be previewed for free.

The bottom line is, Fender Play’s online lessons are comprehensive and exceptionally educational, capable of catering to the needs of beginners of all ages while still being more than useful for more skilled players.

5. Artist Works Online Guitar Lessons

Verdict: Best for One-On-One Feedback


The opportunity to learn from some of the best guitarists in the world is something not many guitar lesson companies can boast about. Having none other than Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Trapp, Keith Wyatt, and Chris Eldridge in its roster of teachers, Artist Works is easily among the most prestigious online guitar lesson websites on the market.

Offering comprehensive guitar courses, diversified learning paths, as well as specialized training material, jam tracks, and tens of thousands of online lessons, Artist Works presents an all-in-one guitar learning opportunity for players of all skill levels.

In addition to teaching guitar, Artist Works professionals are also experts in Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Piano, Cello, Fiddle, Ukulele, and Violin, as well as numerous percussion, woodwind, and brass instruments.

Key Features

  • Thousands of guitar lessons, jam tracks, live tutorials, and learning material
  • Integrated learning tools, such as looper, slow-motion, tuners, and more
  • Some of the most reputable guitar players and instructors are leading the main programs
  • Narrowly specialized training courses and broad learning paths for students of all skill levels
  • Multiple genres spanning both electric and acoustic guitar training


Although it’s a paid online service, ArtistWorks offers a free trial on-demand, meaning that students need to fill out the provided form to receive free sample lessons. This service offers three subscription plans, including 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans.

The 3-month plan costs $35per month ($105 in total). It offers the same features as the other two bundles, with the exception of VIP bonus content and backing tracks.

The 6-month plan costs $30 per month ($179 in total), meaning that students can save up to 14% by choosing this option. This package also contains 25 backing tracks, but like the 3-month plan, it doesn’t feature VIP bonus content.

The 12-month plan is the ArtistWorks’ value package, costing $23.25 per month ($279 in total), saving up to 33%, and providing students with exclusive VIP content.

Who Is This For?

ArtistWorks is an excellent choice for guitar students with at least some experience. Immediate newcomers can find just as much value, but given that ArtistWorks is a paid subscription platform, greenhorns may find more luck with a free guitar learning app.

Top-tier instructors and professionals that have spent more time on stage than on their feet are helming this company, and they are more than experienced enough to teach their students all of their secrets.

6. Simply Guitar


Simply Guitar is an app-based online guitar lesson service that has streamlined the learning process so that immediate beginners can feel comfortable learning the ropes. It’s a paid software with two subscription options, although students can preview its features and use them during the free trial period.

The gamified nature of Simply Guitar makes it exceptionally attractive to young students and beginners. Nearly all of its tools and courses feature cartoon-like graphics and animations, especially the automated feedback, which makes learning to play guitar feel like a game in itself.

Dozens of courses and songs are available while the library is consistently being updated by professionals. Although its library isn’t as eclectic and versatile as Jamplay’s or Guitar Tricks’ database, there are still tons of songs and engaging content to enjoy.

Key Features

  • Wide range of video tutorials, explainers, and song lessons pre-recorded by top-tier professional guitar players
  • Engaging and highly interactive user interface
  • Completely app-based online guitar lesson service
  • Several built-in tools, such as chord learner and scale finder
  • Comprehensive courses for guitar learning beginners
  • Automated feedback from the application when the student makes mistakes


Simply Guitar offers a free plan (which teaches you a few basics) and three subscription plans. The 3-month subscription costs $33.33/month, the 6-month subscription costs $24.99/month and the yearly subscription costs $16.66/month. If you choose the yearly subscription you get a 7-day free trial.

Who Is This For?

Simply Guitar is very deserving of its name, as it made the learning process as simple as it could possibly be. However, the lack of ’professional’ features makes it somewhat less valuable for professionals and advanced players. The bottom line is, greenhorn guitar players will reap the biggest advantages by using this app.

7. Guitar Gate


Guitar Gate was founded by Michael Palmisano, an award-winning graduate of GIT with over 15 years of experience. Michael has taught more than 90,000 students so far, which speaks volumes about his educational skills and guitar proficiency.

This guitar lesson service is highly affordable and fragmentized into bite-sized pieces; Guitar Gate can be dubbed a comprehensive ’crash course’ for guitar learners that want to advance fast reliably and consistently.

Although the fact that its learning library consists of some 200 lessons and courses, they were all specifically designed to address multiple core elements, aiming to help the students become self-sufficient and self-reliant in record time.

Key Features

  • 195 guitar lessons grouped in 10 comprehensive learning courses
  • Helmed by Michael Palmisano, an award-winning professional guitarist
  • Weekly live broadcasts, direct feedback from the instructor, and open Q&A sessions
  • Unique learning paths
  • Perfectly suited for immediate beginners and beginner intermediates
  • 3-day free trial


Guitar Gate offers a 3-day free trial, which should be enough for beginners to get comfortable with the platform. The core subscription package costs $14.99 per month.

Who Is This For?

Unlike some guitar lesson platforms covered so far, Guitar Gate does not revolve around thousands of lessons and courses that could potentially drown an immediate new learner with content and potentially dissuade them from moving forward.

Guitar Gate is for all beginner-level players, as well as more experienced guitarists that are still struggling to find their voice on their instrument of choice.

8. Justin Guitar


Founded by Justin Sandercoe, Justin Guitar is an online guitar lesson service designed to provide guitar enthusiasts and beginners with hours’ worth of free content, hundreds of free songs, all the while enabling intermediate and advanced level players to polish their skills with premium content and packages.

Justin Guitar currently offers 1,283 free lessons and 683 songs. Numerous genre-specific jam tracks,  songbooks, and e-books can be purchased from the official Justin Guitar website and can be used as tools to complement the guitar learning experience of all individual students.

Key Features

  • Founded by Justin Sandercoe, an Australian-based professional guitarist, performer, educator, and songwriter
  • 1,283 free lessons and 683 free songs
  • A community of over 607,000 users
  • iOS and Android-compatible app
  • Numerous on-site tools, including a tempo calculator, blank papers, an interval ear trainer, and a metronome


A free trial is not a necessary feature for a service that offers indefinitely free content, to begin with. Thousands of lessons and hundreds of songs can be accessed for free on Justin Guitar after making an account.

The website doesn’t require a paid subscription, although certain features are locked and can be purchased from the on-site store. Jam tracks, songbooks, e-books, and premium courses, as well as various music theory lessons and comprehensive beginner guides, can be bought on Justin Guitar’s official website.

Who Is This For?

As a free guitar lesson website, Justin Guitar is ideal for immediate beginners and people with minimal guitar skills. The platform offers a variety of tools and thousands of free lessons, but Justin Guitar also offers master classes and premium courses, as well as books and additional products more suited for intermediates.

9. Guitareo


Guitareo is an affordable online guitar learning platform that offers beginners and intermediate-level students an opportunity to learn more about their instrument with hundreds of hours of pre-recorded lessons and video footage, as well as live sessions and tutorials.

Instead of simply crowding its platform with a lifetime’s worth of content, Guitareo is more concerned about motivating and educating its students, catering to the individual needs of each member.

However, its database of songs, tutorials, jam packs, and lessons is still formidable, complemented by new coaches that are arriving each month.

Key Features

Thousands of lessons and courses, as well as additional on-demand content to subscribed users

  • 90-day money back guarantee on subscriptions
  • Fragemtnized, step-by-step video lessons, and tutorials
  • Professional coaches and seasonal guests keep content fresh
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Various built-in tools to keep students more inspired


The subscription to Guitareo online guitar service is $10.58 per month (billed annually). A 30-day free trial is also available for students that want to get a feel for the on-site tools and lessons, unlocking the entirety of content as if the user’s subscription was paid for.

Who Is This For?

Beginners and at least remotely experienced guitar players that have hit a plateau can benefit the most by engaging Guitareo’s services. This platform is versatile, open-minded, and promotes free-thinking in its students by enabling them to specialize in genres or diversify their skills by drinking from the pools of rock, pop, blues, jazz, country, and other established music genres.

10. Yousician


Yousician is a beginner-friendly guitar learning service that offers an enormous library of songs, video tutorials, live sessions, and songs. Both pre-recorded content and live videos are organized by a team of professional, highly experienced music teachers and guitar pros.

This platform is among the few that are compatible with both PC and Mac while offering an iOS and Android-compatible app that students can use to access the songs, lessons, and courses.

Key Features

  • A comprehensive database of over 10,000 lessons and popular songs
  • Various progress tracking features and tools
  • Premium plan subscriptions gain access to lessons on other instruments as well
  • Gamified experience with app-based chord and scale applications
  • Multiple people can be linked on a single Yousician account


Yousician is a paid online guitar service that offers a 7-day free trial for students that have already made a basic account (or logged in via Facebook or Apple). The monthly subscription costs vary by region and by billing method.

If monthly billing is selected, Yousician Premium costs $19.99 per month; Premium + Personal costs $29.99 per month while Premium + Family pack subscription costs $44.99 per month.

Who Is This For?

As one of the best guitar education platforms for beginners, Yousician is ideal for individuals, couples, and families that wish to learn how to play an instrument. There’s an abundance of engaging content to be enjoyed, which makes it an excellent opportunity for adult learners, as well as children to spend some quality time together.

11. Active Melody


Much like Justin Guitar, Active Melody is an online guitar lesson website helmed by a single teacher, Brian Sherrill.

Another similarity between the two platforms is that the bulk of the content is completely free while students that want to expand their knowledge can purchase additional content. What sets them apart is the fact that Active Melody offers a premium bundle at a remarkably low fee of $12 a month.

This website offers enough content to keep beginners entertained for days while the premium membership further expands the list of possibilities and opportunities to learn.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of explainer videos, chord tutorials, songs, and lessons
  • Additional content is being added each Friday
  • Blues-focused online guitar learning website
  • Remarkably affordable premium membership subscription
  • Downloadable jam tracks
  • Highly interactive features and tablature readers
  • Brian Sherrill is recording and teaching all courses


Active Melody is one of the most affordable online guitar lesson platforms, as a subscription to their website costs a mere $12 per month or $89 if you pay annually. Although the brand doesn’t offer a free trial, multiple lessons can be accessed for free after making an account.

Who Is This For?

Active Melody is primarily for blues-oriented beginners, although the fundamental courses are mainly concerned with teaching the basics of music theory, chords, and scales. Active Melody is an excellent choice for beginners on a cash-strapped budget while intermediate-level players can find it useful as well.

12. Pickup Music


Pickup Music is an online guitar learning platform that focuses on turning intermediate guitarists into advanced players. With a diverse roster of instructors made up of leading professional guitarists & PhD-level educators, Pickup’s guiding light is to take the guesswork out of learning guitar.

With 15,000 members worldwide, they’re a market leader for intermediate and advanced guitarists, but they have lessons for players of any skill level. In addition to courses covering traditional styles like rock, blues, jazz, country, etc, Pickup prides itself on exploring modern guitar sounds at the cutting edge of the instrument, ranging from neo soul and prog to pop and beyond.

Their membership platform focuses on guided Learning Pathways that are designed to take you from beginner to advanced in all major guitar styles. Their Learning Pathways feature guided playalong exercises, interactive quizzes, and performance pieces where players can record themselves jamming with a live-band backing track and get personalized feedback on their playing.

Key Features

  • Ultra-guided learning with interactive practice exercises
  • Unlimited personalized learning support
  • Weekly live Zoom lessons & monthly community events
  • Lessons from leading contemporary guitarists (Melanie Faye, Manuel G. Fernandes, Cecil Alexander, Isaiah Sharkey, Ichika Mo, Jude Smith, etc)


Pickup Music offers an all-inclusive membership model for $14.99/month or $149.99/year. Both memberships include unlimited access to all of Pickup’s lessons, custom learning support, and community events. New members can try out the membership with a 14-day free trial.

Who Is This For?

Pickup Music’s bread and butter lies in helping advanced beginners and intermediate guitarists break through to the advanced level. That said, they have a Learning Pathway prep program designed to get complete beginners up to speed with the fundamental skills that their guided courses are based on. Advanced players love Pickup Music’s intensive Master Classes, which dive into complex topics and provide a glimpse at the playing style of some of the world’s best guitarists.

Best Online Guitar Lessons FAQ

What’s the best place to learn guitar online?

There are a lot of different ways to learn guitar these days. You can find lessons in bookstores, online, or even through apps on your phone. But when it comes to finding the best place to learn guitar online, there’s only one clear answer: Guitar Tricks. At Guitar Tricks, you’ll find high-quality video lessons taught by professional guitarists. There’s a wide range of courses to choose from, so you can always find something that’s tailored to your level and interests. Plus, with a membership, you’ll get access to all of the lessons, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit lessons as often as you need. If you’re serious about learning guitar, then Guitar Tricks is the answer.

Do online guitar lessons really work?

There’s no doubt that online guitar lessons have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the advance of technology, it’s now possible to learn to play the guitar without even leaving your home. But the question remains: do online guitar lessons really work? The answer, of course, depends on the individual. For some people, online guitar lessons may be the perfect solution. They’re flexible and convenient, and they can be a great way to fit learning into a busy schedule. On the other hand, others may find that they need the structure and discipline of a traditional classroom setting in order to progress. Ultimately, the best way to find out if online guitar lessons work is to try them for yourself.

Can I learn guitar in 6 months?

A common question that guitarists get asked is how long will it take me to learn guitar? The answer to this question is not simple. It depends on a number of factors, such as how much time you are willing to dedicate to practice, how quickly you pick up new concepts, and whether you have any prior experience with other musical instruments. With that said, it is possible to make significant progress in a relatively short period of time. In general, most people who devote at least an hour of practice each day can expect to see noticeable improvement within a few months. However, the amount of time required to become proficient can vary greatly from person to person.

Are Udemy guitar courses worth it?

The answer is yes, but they are especially beneficial for beginners. Udemy offers a wide range of courses, however, they aren’t a dedicated guitar leaning platform like Guitar Tricks or Jamplay. The courses are also very affordable, and you can work at your own pace but if you want to learn more than just the basic to intermediate guitar concepts, I recommend trying one of the online guitar courses listed in this post.

Can I learn guitar online for free?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can learn guitar online for free. However, the quality of your instruction will vary depending on the source. There are a number of websites that offer free guitar lessons, and many of them provide a decent level of instruction – one of which is Justin Guitar. However, there are also a number of sites that simply provide a few basic lessons and then try to sell you an expensive membership. In addition, there are a number of YouTube channels that offer free guitar lessons. Overall, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can learn guitar online for free. However, you may need to sift through a lot of videos to find what you want.

Which app is best for learning guitar?

If you’re looking solely for a mobile-based app to learn guitar in a fun and gamified way, I believe that Simply Guitar is the best option out there. What sets this app apart from the others is its ability to provide high-quality instruction without being too overwhelming or complicated. The lessons are well-organized and progress at a reasonable pace, so you never feel like you’re in over your head. And even though it’s focused on teaching the basics, there are still plenty of features to keep things interesting.


The reason why all of the aforementioned eleven platforms are the ’best’ is unique to each one. Some are more affordable, some have an extensive catalog of courses and lessons while some are equipped with better tools or staffed by better teachers.

The bottom line is that all eleven websites can be labeled as the ’best online guitar lesson service’ in their own right. I leave it to you to make the final call and hope that I’ve supplied you with the necessary information to make the right decision.

P.S if you liked this review check out my other reviews such as the best online singing lessons and best online piano lessons.

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