Benefits of Children Learning a Musical Instrument

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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

2020 has been a tough year for children. With the ongoing pandemic, children have at times throughout the year been stuck at home, unable to go to schools because they were shut, been forced to stay two meters apart from their friends, and were not able to play outside like they normally would. 

What better way to reduce the amount of screentime by getting them so music lessons to learn a new instrument. Instruments don’t just bring pleasure to a child, it is a skill that they will have for the rest of their lives. When human beings are young, our brains do most of it’s development. The more things young people learn when they are younger, the better chance that it will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

It doesn’t have to be any specific type of instrument, your child might want to be an electric guitarist for a rock band or play the flute for a school concert. All instruments can have fantastic benefits on a child’s development.

Where can my Child get Music Lessons?

2020 has been a difficult year for most people to find private tuition for a musical instrument. With experts asking us to avoid contact with other people to try and help reduce the spread of the virus, lots of people have turned to lessons online whether it be for singing, piano, guitar, and so much more.. 

  • YouTube has a lot of different musicians providing free online tutorials to help people learn a new instrument. Many people have created their channels to help people who are just starting to learn. From novices to experts. You may think that it might be a bit limited on YouTube, but if you keep on digging, you are sure to find some good teachers. 
  • There are plenty of applications on GooglePlay and the AppleStore to help your child get started. GarageBand and UberChord are just two of the many apps available that can help you. 
  • Private tuition online is now a very popular option for new musicians. Schools like LVL music academy offer adults and children who want to learn the piano fantastic online lessons. 

Just because there is a pandemic going on, there are lots of alternatives to traditional music lessons. Some of these classes were used long before the pandemic even started. Some people prefer to learn a new instrument online because they feel they can concentrate easier from the comfort of their own home. 

Stimulates a Child’s Brain Power

Studies have shown that a child learning a new musical instrument helps their brain. Not only will they be learning a musical instrument, but it can also have great benefits on a child academically. Learning new music helps a child as it affects the brain the same way as mathematics and reading. It also stimulates the brain to help a child with emotional development. 

Communication is another vital part of a child’s development.  From a very early age, parents read to their children, talk with them, and sometimes show them videos to help them learn. Learning a new musical instrument requires the same section of the brain as learning a new language would. Just like languages, the brain needs to process the sound of music. If a child uses this part of the brain more regularly, they should find it much easier when learning new language skills and help improve the development of their language skills. 

Helps them Socialize with others

Not all children have lots of friends. Group lessons are a fantastic way for children to make new friends and help them learn a new skill at the same time. School bands and getting involved with school musical shows are a great form of entertainment, but might also be a superb way for your child to find new friends.

Having children of similar ages learning the same music is a great way of teaching children how to be part of a team, and how to work together. School bands working together with lots of different instruments is a fantastic way of team building. Learning music as part of a band might be one of the first times your child gets rewarded for working together. This will prove to be very important for the rest of their lives.

Helps Children to Understand to be Patient

Teaching children to be patient is a difficult task for all parents. Learning a new musical instrument is not something you can do in one day. It takes lots of time, hard work, and most of all, patience. 

If your child always gets what they want, if they want to play a musical instrument properly they will need to spend lots of hours practicing. This will be a real-life lesson to learn. Unlike homework, the child can’t ask their parents to help them learn unless the parent already knows how to play their instrument. Teachers require children to spend many hours perfecting their skills if they want to be good at playing a musical instrument.

If your child plays with a band or an orchestra, they will have to learn to be patient with others. Each child may have to wait for their turn to play, so patience is key. Working together as a group, that works hard, is the only way of making the music sound good.  

Teaches a Child Confidence

Lots of children and adults struggle with confidence. Being confident is vital in the world we live in today to be successful. If your child has issues with confidence, learning a new musical instrument might be the perfect way to help them. 

Sometimes a child might struggle with school work. This can have a major effect on a child’s confidence and might struggle to learn a new skill in the future. They might find when learning a new musical instrument, the more they practice the better they get. This is a valuable lesson for a child to learn. Practice makes perfect. This new attitude can help a child grow in confidence when learning a new skill down the line.


There are very few downsides to having children learn a new instrument. Don’t be put down if your child doesn’t like the first instrument they attempt to learn. 

The gift of being able to play a musical instrument has lots of advantages for today and in the future.

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