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Written by: Cody

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Bass has been wrongly accused of being the ‘easiest’ instrument to learn, mainly by guitarists and singers. Real musicians know and appreciate the amount of strength, patience, endurance, and skill it takes to play the bass, but not many people feel confident enough to start from scratch on their own.

That’s why today I wanted to showcase some of the best online bass lessons on the market. I’ve made sure to include companies and services that can accommodate any budget, any skill level, and any aspiration new learners may have, so let’s start.

10 Best Online Bass Lessons

Here is my list of the top 10 online bass lessons in 2022.

1. JamPlay Online Bass Lessons


JamPlay is a reputable online music academy that offers some of the world’s best music educators, heaps of resource material, and precisely what we’re here for today – exceptional online bass lessons.

Billy Sheehan and Dave Ellefson are teaching at JamPlay, lending their decades of experience in bass playing and performing to new students. Numerous other class act players have uploaded dozens of online bass lessons, including Evan Brewer from The Faceless, Brent-Anthony Johnson from Cadence, Robbie Merrill from Godsmack, and more.

Interactive tablatures and notation tools are also included; these apps can be launched on desktop or mobile devices and do not require plugins to start. In JamPlay’s tablatures, players can change playback speed, change the instruments, or print the tabs.

One of the most unique features of JamPlay is the customized progress report. Bookmarks can be added to virtually all videos with progress-related notes, allowing students to set their own learning pace. Additionally, videos can be slowed (from 10% to 100%) and looped indefinitely.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of video lessons uploaded by professional bass players and educators
  • Interactive, printable tablatures
  • Videos can be slowed down, looped, or pinned with bookmarks
  • Unique progress reporting
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee
  • ‘Ask a Teacher’ section on all videos


JamPlay offers three subscription packages, including Monthly Membership at $19.95; Quarterly Membership at $45.95, and One Year Membership at $95.97.

What I Like / Dislike About JamPlay Online Bass Lessons

I love that all the features are fully unlocked at all price packages. The main difference is that you get to save more money by committing to a lengthier subscription plan.

The quality of musician-professors is also unparalleled. From Billy Sheehan, over Freebo and John Deservio, to Tom Appleman and Joe Santerre, the JamPlay roster is virtually unbeatable.

The only thing I believe certain learners may not particularly like is that JamPlay can be a bit complicated at times. There’s so much material that some people may need a bit of help navigating the lessons and courses.

Who Is This For?

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play bass and are into rock and metal, you will probably find JamPlay’s courses the best online bass lessons on the planet.

2. Truefire


TrueFire is an online music academy, as well as a digital marketplace for online bass guitar lessons. You can either enroll and learn from the available courses and material or buy premium courses to learn the best-kept secrets of bass playing. For the most immersive, ultimate learning experience, I recommend a combination of both.

Although you can find jam tracks and free lessons on TrueFire’s website, I believe you’ll get the best results by subscribing to the academy’s Bass Guitar Learning Path. It’s a curated course for beginners that encompasses the fundamentals of bass playing.

Supplementary premium courses that work best with the desired program are always featured in recommendations under the course the learner is currently participating in.

Dozens of useful tools are there to make the learning experience smoother and more complete, including the looper, the slow-motion tool, as well as interactive tablatures.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of core and supplementary courses categorized by genre and difficulty
  • Free lessons available to everyone
  • 14 day free trial
  • Dozens of built-in tools, including a looper and slow motion
  • Free and premium jam tracks
  • A comprehensive directory of free and premium songs


TrueFire offers free and premium bass lessons and courses. The core Bass Guitar Learning Path consists of two main courses, the first being free, and the latter costing $24.99.

What I Like / Dislike About Truefire

I love the abundance of free content on TrueFire. Any remotely driven individual could grasp the basics without paying a penny. The Learn Bass 1 is completely free and offers 28 well-designed lessons that cover everything a greenhorn bassist should know.

On the downside, the site isn’t as intuitive, requiring newcomers to dig for content before they find what they were looking for.

Who Is This For?

TrueFire is for bass players of all skill levels that want to learn and improve. There’s enough learning material for a lifetime of studying, so even veterans are recommended to check it out.

3. Artist Works – Electric Bass with Stu Hamm


I’ve just touched base on TrueFire’s Bass Learning Paths, and it just so happens that they were all filmed and designed by Stu Hamm. This renowned bass player offers a completely different set of electric bass lessons at Artist Works, presenting new learners with a new avenue of bass studying.

What separates Electric Bass with Stu Hamm from TrueFire’s Bass Learning Paths is a different approach that caters to the needs of both beginners and skilled players across all music genres.

This package features hundreds of lessons across three levels – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. These learning paths are designed to present the learner with an intuitive, logical learning experience, touching on everything from bass gear, over music theory, to playing and performing aspects of bass playing.

Key Features

  • Bass lessons performed by Stu Hamm; split across three levels of skill
  • The course covers theory, the basics of bass equipment, and essential techniques
  • Videos can be slowed down and looped
  • Music Theory workshop
  • A large video exchange library
  • Students can send video submissions to Stu


People that wish to subscribe to Electric Bass with Stu Hamm can do so by approaching one of the three available plans. The 3-month plan costs $105; the 6-month plan costs $179 while the 12-month plan costs $279.

What I Like / Dislike About Artist Works – Electric Bass with Stu Hamm

Stu left no stone unturned with this bass lesson package; the course is so comprehensive that even some intermediate-level players should visit the Basic path, just in case.

On the downside, this online bass course features a single professor. Even though Stu Hamm is one of the most distinguished and prolific artists on the music scene, having multiple professors would provide a different lens for students to perceive music from.

Who Is This For?

If you’re a fan of rock, funk, or jazz, Electric Bass with Stu Hamm will likely cater to your needs. The lessons are easy to follow; Stu is an amazing teacher, and the course is exceptionally well-designed.

4. Udemy – The Professional Bass Masterclass


Udemy’s Professional Bass Masterclass is among the best online bass lessons out there because it checks all the most important bases – affordability, core skills, a host of techniques, and dozens of musical styles.

The Masterclass course was created by Rajiv Narang, a renowned bass teacher and a veteran touring musician with advanced music education. Having already educated nearly 30,000 students, whether in person or via online bass lessons, Rajiv’s garnered more than enough experience to teach bass newcomers.

The course is comprised of several parts, which are meant to be followed in succession. Students can take their time with each lesson and move forward when it feels comfortable.

Key Features

  • Bass guitar modes
  • Chords, scales, and basics of music theory
  • Left and right-handed friendly
  • Dozens of bass guitar techniques
  • Practical lessons regarding tuning, key signatures, and tempo
  • Advanced lessons (chord construction, techniques, and music theory)
  • Students receive a certificate upon completing the whole course


The regular price of The Professional Bass Masterclass is $149.99, although the course is quite often at a discount. At the time of writing this, the course was $34.99.

What I Like / Dislike About Udemy – The Professional Bass Masterclass

This is one of the best online bass lessons for people that are struggling with specific techniques, especially time-related ones. Not many of the best online bass guitar lessons can correct certain bad playing habits, but this class addresses quite a few of such issues.

The downside of this course is that certain lessons are a bit challenging for beginners. There’s an abundance of material and a clear spike in difficulty beyond the very basics.

Who Is This For?

The course is well-structured and designed for beginners. The comprehensiveness of this best online bass lessons course is well suited for more advanced players as well, featuring deep dives regarding music theory and improvisational techniques everyone can benefit from.

5. Skillshare – Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners


This online bass lesson course was made by Todd Porter, a professional music educator with dozens of accolades behind nearly two decades of experience in teaching, playing, and performing.

The course is comprised of 42 video lessons and offers hours’ worth of bass education. Beginners will get to learn the basics of harmony, melody, and rhythm before moving on to bass parts and basic rig.

The course also includes lessons on music theory, song composition, bass & piano backing tracks, and practical lessons about forming a band, performing, and keeping the gear in good condition.

Key Features

  • The course is designed and presented by a professional multi-instrumentalist music teacher Todd Porter
  • 42 comprehensive lessons
  • Music theory, improvisation, and performing aspects covered
  • Educational jam sessions included
  • Basics of gear and playing along with different instruments


Skillshare Premium membership costs $167.88 per year, but you can also opt for the monthly plan, which costs $32 per month.

What I Like / Dislike About Skillshare – Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Todd’s Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners is a part of Skillshare’s platform, which is not only affordable by itself, but you’ll also find a lot of interesting content with the same membership cost.

On the downside, certain lessons are either too basic or too complex for new learners. The fundamental elements of melody can’t be explained in one minute while I would argue that you don’t need to spend nearly 20 minutes learning how to buy a bass (which you probably already own).

Who Is This For?

Skillshare Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners are great for people that dream of moving onto different instruments (or skills) after grasping the basics of bass.

6. Scott’s Bass Lessons


Helmed by Scott Devine, a world-class bass player and musician, Scott’s Bass Lessons is among the best online bass lessons, offering weekly seminars, months’ worth of content, constant updates, and tons of learning resources and material.

What separates SBL from contemporary bass courses and schools is the company’s devotedness to improvement. Scott’s Bass Lessons feature weekly challenges, seminars, and get-togethers, allowing bass enthusiasts of all skill levels to meet like-minded individuals and grow as a group.

In terms of lessons and courses, Scott and his team create custom, curated content, releasing courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced-level bass players.

Key Features

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses
  • Courses and lessons are hosted by a team of professional music educators
  • Live weekly music workshops and live stream seminars
  • A comprehensive library featuring numerous songs and an abundance of learning resources
  • SBL Academy Show
  • Campus challenges


Enrollment into Scott’s Bass Lessons music school costs $32 per month or $16.58 per month if you sign up to the yearly plan which comes out to $199 per year.

What I Like / Dislike About Scott’s Bass Lessons

New content and events, as well as an ever-growing community of musicians and music fans, are the two things I liked the most about this bass academy.

I don’t think Scott’s Bass Lessons course is affordable, but considering all the benefits, it’s worth the money.

Who Is This For?

Scott’s Bass Lessons are ideal for people that are looking for a flexible bass training course. You can enroll in the SBL academy or approach private lessons at a slightly higher price.

7. Study Bass


One of the reasons why StudyBass is regarded as one of the best online bass lessons is because the course is free. There aren’t many online platforms, let alone websites as dedicated to teaching people the fundamental elements of bass playing without charging at least a symbolic monthly fee.

Founded by Andrew Pouska, a bass player with decades of experience in private bass lessons, StudyBass is a well-rounded website that offers a number of built-in tools and a massive library of educational posts.

There aren’t as many videos, but the text-based posts are all recorded in the Learning History of the user, allowing for easier navigation between lessons.

StudyBass checks all the boxes in terms of teaching how to play, the core principles of music theory, as well as diving deep into the practical elements, such as tuning, changing strings, setting up bass effects and cabs, and more importantly, finding the right tone on any gear.

Key Features

  • Dozens of video lessons and educational posts
  • Fretboard diagrams
  • Bass clef notes
  • On-page metronome and tuner
  • A comprehensive music dictionary
  • Tab slow-down function
  • Dark Mode


StudyBass is free to use, requiring no subscription. Users can create a free account to enhance certain features, but all the tools and features of the website are already unlocked for everyone.

What I Like / Dislike About Study Bass

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how thorough Andrew is when writing StudyBass content. Each lesson is detailed and easy to follow, and there is more than enough material for both beginners and intermediate-level bass players.

I also loved the Dark Mode, as it makes the content easier to read, especially on a smartphone. However, navigation between different pages feels a bit clunky.

Who Is This For?

If you prefer reading over video-based tutorials, StudyBass may be the best option for you. The course is free for everyone and offers plenty of learning material, but it lacks the apps and advanced tools of premium online bass lesson courses and academies.

8. Yousician


Yousician is an online platform that offers a streamlined music learning experience to players of all skill levels. The platform features several built-in tuners, with the most notable being the acclaimed GuitarTuna tuner.

Regarding online lessons, the process is the same, regardless of which instrument you choose. After signing up and downloading the app, your smartphone’s sensors will pick up the notes you are playing, so that the app can provide you with real-time feedback.

This unique app is what separates Yousician from many online bass lesson companies; it’s very simple to use and accurately responds to strummed notes, effectively pointing out mistakes whenever they are made.

Yousician also features a vast song library with genre-based categories that you can listen to and play along to. Furthermore, the interactive on-page chord charts are great as supplementary learning tools.

As for the main courses, Yousician offers dozens of lessons split across ‘missions’ and ‘workouts’. The missions form the core of the bass learning course while workouts can be likened to jams and improvisational sessions. Additionally, the Challenges tab is there to make the learning experience more immersive and complete.

Key Features

  • Bass courses, lessons, missions, and challenges
  • Jam and backing tracks
  • Interactive on-page tab tools
  • User-friendly Yousician app
  • Comprehensive song library


Yousician offers three subscription plans, including Premium at $19.99 per month; Premium+ Personal at $29.99 per month, and Premium+ Family at $44.99 per month.

What I Like / Dislike About Yousician

The app is arguably the best part of Yousician’s training program. There are a lot of interesting tools that are free to use, but the Premium features take the cake.

The main downside of Yousician is that it’s a bit too ‘gamified’, meaning that it may not be as intuitive or appealing to adult learners.

Who Is This For?

I would mainly recommend Yousician to people that have at least some experience playing the bass. Both the lessons and the tools provided on the site are quite easy to follow, but with minimal knowledge, you can fast-track your progress, enjoy both the Missions and Challenges and more.

9. Bass Buzz


Bass Buzz is a website committed to bass through and through. From bass lessons, over jam tracks, to a blog dedicated to bass gear, you’ll learn quite about this instrument and get to meet hundreds of like-minded individuals here.

The website offers a number of free features while premium plans (Beginner to Badass) present an abundance of additional content, including extra songs, additional jam-along tracks, and exclusive masterclass lessons.

Key Features

  • Detailed video tutorials with play-throughs
  • Bass-oriented blog with buying guides and gear recommendations
  • A forum housing a budding community of bass enthusiasts
  • Premium bass masterclass lessons
  • Free and paid songs and jam tracks


BassBuzz online bass guitar lessons (also called Beginner to Badass) are available via subscription of $39.97 per month, or as a one-time payment of $197. The same lessons are available in DVD format for $49.97 per month, or as a one-time payment of $247.

What I Like / Dislike About Bass Buzz

The ability to purchase the entire package outright is a huge benefit. In terms of the quality of the lessons, the instructors did an exceptional job, and that’s a huge understatement.

There aren’t many downsides other than the subscription being a bit too expensive for some people.

Who Is This For?

Most beginners can learn quite a bit with the free lessons alone. However, I recommend BassBuzz Premium to committed bass learners that want to reach more advanced levels.

10. Musika


Musika is the first and only company on the list that offers both online and in-person bass lessons. Operating for more than two decades, it’s one of the most popular and respected music-teaching establishments in the United States.

This company basically connects students with teachers in their area while all US citizens can apply for online lessons. Lessons scheduling, flexible payment options, and one of the most complete rosters of professional teachers are some of its strongest points.

Key Features

  • Curated bass learning experience
  • In-home and online bass lessons and courses
  • Sessions can be organized at the teacher’s home or in a nearby music studio
  • Thousands of teachers are available nation-wide


The pricing of Musika’s in-person lessons varies from area to area.

What I Like / Dislike About Musika

The convenience of having a professional, highly experienced teacher come to educate you or your child at your home is phenomenal. The main downside revolves around the expensiveness of online lessons, though.

Who Is This For?

People of all ages that prefer in-person lessons may want to give Musika a shot. You can book different teachers, or stick with the one you like. Flexible payment options and tons of great content make it one of the best online bass lessons in the US.

Wrap Up

The best online bass lessons are the ones that will inspire you to grab the instrument every day. Good teachers and online tools, as well as easy-to-follow content, are just some of the things that you should consider when deciding which service is best for you.

I’ve mentioned quite a few top-quality bass lessons in this post and whichever you choose should be based on the overall comprehensiveness of the program as well as the price you’re willing to pay.

Regardless, you won’t go wrong with any of the best online bass guitar lessons mentioned in this buyer’s guide. Pick one and start learning bass guitar today!

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