25 Guitar Love Songs Guys Learn to Impress Girls

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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

It’s no secret, a lot of guys who pick up the guitar have either done so to try to impress girls or have at least thought about using it to impress girls. According to the dailymail, 33% of men across the UK have tried to impress someone by learning the guitar and playing them guitar love songs.

And quite honestly, it’s for good reason because in a lot of cases, it works! Mensfitness ran a study that found that 28% of women responded positively when they saw a picture of a man holding a guitar and only 10% of women responded positively to pictures of men without a guitar.

Additionally, in the same dailymail study, one in ten girls aged 18-24 said that guitar playing skills are a “must have” in a man. Playing the guitar is undoubtedly an attractive skill to have. There’s a coolness factor to it and even simply being passionate about music has shown to be an attractive quality to others in general. The only thing better is being able to play the guitar AND sing! If you don’t know how to sing yet but want to learn, check out our list of top online singing courses.

So, if you’re someone who picked up the guitar and maybe, just maybe… plan to use it to impress your significant other, here are a few songs you’ll want to choose from to have in your toolbox. This list of 25 guitar love songs contains some of the greatest love songs ever written. For each song, I’ve included the Spotify link and the top-rated Ultimate-Guitar and Guitarpro / Songsterr tabs to help you learn them faster.

Happy guitar playing!

List of 25 Guitar Love Songs

  1. Your Body Is a Wonderland – John Mayer john mayer bannerStarting off this list is John Mayer’s “Your Body Is a Wonderland”. This song is from his “Room For Squares” album and is definitely a song that girls tend to swoon over when played for them. John Mayer certainly has a collection of songs that are not only fun to play on guitar but also work great for impressing others, both lyrically and on the guitar.
  2. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran ed sheeran bannerThinking Out Loud by Ed Sheehan is a beautiful love song that has exploded in the past couple of years. Featured on his album entitled “X”, released in 2014, this song has been the go-to wedding dance song for a huge amount of newlyweds. But it certainly doesn’t have to be just for the newlyweds. It’ll also work great when played for your crush. You can really hear the emotion in both Ed Sheeran’s voice and guitar playing in this one, be sure to play from the heart and you’ll be bound to impress.
  3. More Than Words – Extreme extreme bannerAh the classic love by the band Extreme. This band’s songs mainly fall into the heavy metal / hard rock genre, however they really outdid themselves with “More Than Words”. This song’s beautiful lyrics, strong harmonies, and simple but effective guitar progression makes for an exceptional song to impress your significant other with.
  4. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt james blunt banner“You’re beautiful” by James Blunt is a song that was released on his album “Back to Bedlam”. This song is all about a man who notices a girl and think she’s beautiful but doesn’t think he’s good enough to get her. All girls like to be told they’re beautiful. Why not say so in song?
  5. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz jason mraz bannerJason Mraz’s song “I’m Yours” is featured on his album “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.”. The song is all about professing your love and loyalty for someone and saying you’re theirs and no one else’s. A hugely popular guitar love song that’s easy and fun to play.
  6. Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band dave matthews band banner“Crash into Me” by Dave Matthew Band was released on their album entitled “Crash”. It is conceived and interpreted as a love song by many, however, is actually written from the point of view of a “peeping tom”. Although not the most romantic lyrical meaning, it certainly has a heartfelt aspect to it.
  7. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton eric clapton bannerReleased on his album entitled “Slowhand”, Eric Clapton’s song “Wonderful Tonight” is a widely popular song for both proms and weddings. The song came to Clapton while he waited for his girlfriend to try on clothes one night before going out. As she tried on the clothes she asked “do I look alright?” his response “you look wonderful tonight”. Read Next: 20 Easy Guitar Pop Songs (From Classic to Modern Hits)
  8. Better Together – Jack Johnson jack johnson banner“Better Together” was released on Jack Johnson’s “In Between Dreams” album. The song was originally written for his wife and ended up being one of his biggest hits. Play this one for your significant other and there’s no doubt she’ll love it.
  9. Marry Me – Train train banner“Marry Me” is from Train’s album “Save me San Francisco”. Be careful with this one guys! Although a fantastic love song with romantic lyrics, it may not be the best idea to pull this one out on the first date ;). Nevertheless, if you’re in a serious relationship, this one will melt their heart.
  10. She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5 maroon5 bannerFrom their “Songs about Jane” album, this heartfelt song will show your significant other your sensitive side. The song is about a guy who is madly in love with a girl and keeps seeing her get her heart broken by other guys, but she doesn’t know he loves her.
  11. Heaven – Bryan Adams brian adams banner“Heaven” is from Bryan Adams’ album “Reckless”. A fantastic love ballad with hard hitting lyrics. Although certainly a fantastic choice to play for your significant other.
  12. Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s plain white ts banner“Hey There Delilah” played by Plain White T’s is from their album “All That We Needed”. This song is a bit on the cheesy side, but hey sometimes cheesy works – and it’s extremely popular. The meaning behind this song is about a boy and a girl that are in a long distance relationship and that times are hard but how they’ll be so happy once they’re back together.
  13. Wanted – Hunter Hayes hunter hayes bannerDiving into the Country genre, Hunter Hayes’ song “Wanted” was released on his self-entitled album “Hunter Hayes”. If your significant other is into Country music and you want to play a song to impress them, this is definitely a go-to.
  14. XO – John Mayer john mayer bannerJohn Mayer strikes again with his version of XO, originally performed by Beyoncé. His acoustic version slows things down a bit and certainly gives it a more personal, heartfelt feel as the only instruments used are an acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocals. A great rendition of this song to play for your crush.
  15. I’ll Be – Edwin McCain edwin mccain bannerAnother widely popular wedding song selection, Edwin McCain’s song “I’ll Be” is from his album “Missguided Roses”. It’s a song about always being there for someone you love no matter what.
  16. All of Me – John Legend john legend banner“All of Me” is one of John Legend’s songs from the album “Love in the Future”. Although it is piano-based, I thought it just couldn’t be passed up in this list of love songs. It’s certainly a touching and heartfelt love song. Since it’s piano-based, I’ve included the guitar chords for this song in the links below.
  17. Stay With Me – Sam Smith sam smith bannerAnother piano-based and relatively new song is Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. It’s a song about falling for someone after just one night, but that person doesn’t feel the same way. So in a way, it’s also a bit of a sad song, but definitely one of those songs that’ll get your crush’s / SO’s attention. Same as above, since it is piano-based I’ve included the guitar chords for this song in the links below.
  18. Something in the Way She Moves – James Taylor james-taylor-bannerJames Taylor’s song “Something in the Way She Moves” is inspired by the next song in the list “Something” by The Beatles. It’s a love song about feeling calm and comfortable in being with someone who knows you well. This is also a great guitar fingerstyle picking song, as many James Taylor songs are. Read Next: 43 Best Christmas Songs to Play During the Holidays
  19. Something – The Beatles the beatles bannerIt’s hard to create a song list without including The Beatles. Their song “Something” from the album “Abbey Road” was dubbed by Frank Sinatra as “The greatest love song ever written”. What more do I need to say?
  20. Collide – Howie Day howie day bannerHowie Day’s song “Collide” is from the album entitled “Stop All the World Now”. It’s a romantic song about how opposites can attract. Howie described the song as “That song lyrically is about people who come together despite being different”.
  21. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol snow patrol banner“Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol is from their album “Eyes Open”. It’s a great and simple guitar love song to play. This is one that almost everyone recognizes and when played right, will definitely draw some attention your way.
  22. Open Arms – Journey journey bannerJourney’s song “Open Arms” was released on their album entitled “Escape”. It’s all about a couple that drifted apart but when they reconnected, they realized how much they love each other. A truly beautiful song that might just bring a tear to your SO’s eye.
  23. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley elvis presley bannerThis classic love song is from Elvis Presley’s album entitled “Blue Hawaii” and was originally written by songwriter George Weiss. If you want to play a song for someone who likes the classics, you can’t go wrong with this one.
  24. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith aerosmith banner“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” is from Aerosmith’s album “Armageddon Soundtrack”. This love song is all about treasuring every moment you spend with another person. If you want to get a sincere message across about how you feel about someone, this is a good one.
  25. Everything – Michael Bublé michael buble bannerMichael Bublé’s song “Everything” was released on his album “Call Me Irresponsible” and is one of his biggest hits to date. The song is all about the great happiness of love and being with someone that no matter what happens, they make it all worthwhile.

This list should give you a few ideas for guitar love songs you can learn to play for your significant other. Of course, many of these songs are from the point of view of a guy singing to a girl, however the same message can certainly get across roles reversed.

Did I miss any awesome guitar love songs on this list? Let me know what your favorite one is in the comments section below.


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