Best Karaoke App of 2022 – 7 Free and Paid Options

Written by: Cody

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Pub karaoke is an event that most people enjoy for various reasons. Whether it be because a drunk person thought they could nail Angus Young’s “Hells Bells”, or if someone truly talented ripped “Rolling in the Deep”, it’s always a sight to see (and hear).

You don’t have to wait for Fridays to come to enjoy karaoke – you can start using a karaoke app and decide when the show starts yourself. Today, I’m going to walk you through some of the best karaoke apps on the current market.

What Is the Best Karaoke App of 2022?

Here is my list of the top 7 best karaoke apps of 2022.

1. StarMaker


StarMaker is a comprehensive karaoke app that offers an abundance of songs, duets, chatrooms, and a gorgeous UI that can be tweaked with numerous effects.

One of the most important features of StarMaker is the ability to upload your own music recordings to share your performances. This feature is present in many karaoke apps, but with StarMarker, it synergizes with the vast array of other tools and functions.

The in-voice rooms allow StarMaker users to communicate, which opens up the doors for meeting new friends, inviting your own for duets, and sharing the songs with the people you meet.

It’s an excellent app for bands with multiple vocals, as they can upload their recordings, arrange a duet, and practice singing wherever they are.

What’s more, users frequently upload their covers and collaborations on StarMaker’s official website. In a way, StarMaker is also a platform that could boost the exposure for talented up-and-coming artists.

Key Features

  • In-voice rooms
  • An extensive library of songs available
  • Solo and Duet functions
  • Dozens of effects to spruce UI up
  • The ability to upload personal recordings (originals and covers)


StarMaker app can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. A Pro subscription is available for people that want to expand the song library with more songs, costing $1.99 per week.

What I Like / Dislike About StarMaker

StarMaker is possibly the best karaoke app on the market. It’s packed with numerous innovative features; its song library is pretty vast, and you can upload your own recordings, collaborate with band members (or strangers), and share your performance with a budding community of enthusiasts on StarMaker’s official website.

The only thing I didn’t really like about StarMaker is that you’ll need to pay a weekly fee to gain access to more songs.

Who Is This For?

StarMaker is perfect for casual music enjoyers, but it’s more than just a karaoke app. It offers talented individuals a platform to collaborate or find like-minded artists while having fun and uploading their song performances.

2. Smule


Smule connects people across the globe through music; it’s a karaoke app with millions of tunes, and a platform and a home to hundreds of thousands of amateur singers and music lovers.

The Smule app is simple to use and offers people an easy way to sing along to karaoke with friends, strangers, or by themselves. The Smule platform, on another hand, is the prime reason why it’s regarded as one of the top karaoke apps on the market.

The platform’s Explore section is divided into trending recordings, genres, groups, and recommendations, allowing newcomers to easily join in the fun with a click of a button.

Songs and stickers can be uploaded to Smule, as well as standalone arrangements. Rap and hip-hop artists and producers can also upload their beats to the AutoRap section.

Plenty of other features are available to users that subscribe to the VIP package, including profile customization tools, unique audio filters, and an expanded music library.

Key Features

  • A library with over 10 million tracks
  • Duets with cartoon characters and friends
  • Ability to upload original tracks and cover songs
  • AutoRap for hip-hop and rap artists


Smule is a free karaoke app, but the basic account supports features in a limited capacity. With the VIP pass, which is billed annually, additional songs, personalization options, and premium audio filters can be unlocked. The VIP pricing is region-based, billed annually, and typically within the range of $50 to $70 yearly.

What I Like / Dislike About Smule

Smule’s community is what I liked the most. Finding partners for duets, arranging collaborations for social media promotion, or even finding new band members is a breeze, as you’ll get to cherry-pick from tens of thousands of talents across all four corners of the globe.

Just like StarMaker, you’ll need a subscription to unlock more songs. However, there’s another drawback of free Smule accounts that might make you upgrade to VIP – constant ads popping up on the screen.

Who Is This For?

Smule is a karaoke app for both greenhorn singers and seasoned veterans. Its community is comprised of singers at all skill levels, and its optional subscription is affordable enough for any budget.

3. Yokee Karaoke


Yokee Music is the creator of Yokee Karaoke, a simple karaoke app that boasts a massive list of songs and music videos, as well as numerous personalization features and communication-based elements of social media networks.

In terms of karaoke-based features and content, Yokee Karaoke is similar to StarMaker and Smule, offering a vast song library, duets, collaborations, and music videos to sing on top of.

Seamless integrations with proprietary digital music instrument apps, including Yokee Piano and Yokee Guitar, separate it from contemporary karaoke apps.

The Yokee Karaoke app is very easy to use. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, users need only to install the app and select their favorite songs that they want to cover or upload their own.

Key Features

  • Tens of thousands of music videos and song tracks
  • Duets, solos, and collaborations are available
  • Dozens of audio effects, including reverb, distortion, echo, and more
  • Shareable karaoke performances


Yokee Karaoke is free to download and use.

What I Like / Dislike About Yokee Karaoke

I love how streamlined Yokee Karaoke is. Even people that may not be as tech-savvy can enjoy singing with their friends with it.

While this may not be a direct drawback of Yokee Karaoke, I would’ve loved to see a more streamlined content exploration feature.

Who Is This For?

Yokee Karaoke is well suited for beginner singers and people that want to support their singer friends.

4. ISing


iSing is a free-to-use karaoke app equipped with simple features and designed to serve a simple purpose. It’s child-friendly software that has garnered over a million unique downloads, and its straightforward tools are among the many reasons why young people tend to favor it the most.

Some of the most notable features of iSing encompass the ability to record and share original tracks and covers, with or without a camera, the fullscreen mode for a better overview of the lyrics, and more than two thousand existing tracks and music videos.

As simple as it is to use, it’s easy to install. The streamlined setup was, again, designed to cater to a particular niche, and it enables even the youngest of singers to get online and share their talent with the rest of the world.

Key Features

  • A community comprised of over 2,000,000 music fans and artists
  • A robust library featuring above 2,000 tracks
  • Simple setup
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices


iSing is completely free to use and download.

What I Like / Dislike About ISing

The iSing app shares a lot of similarities with Smule. Both are backed by large communities and are equipped with features that make karaoke singing and music uploads easy. On top of that, iSing is free; there are no extra costs or fees to worry about.

The website and the app are in Polish, although you can change the default to your preferred language in the app.

Who Is This For?

iSing is a great karaoke app for teens and youngsters that are still exploring their musical tastes and vocal capabilities.

5. Baby Karaoke


Developed and launched by Raising Children Network, Baby Karaoke is a karaoke app for toddlers and young children.

Featuring cartoonish graphics, a handpicked selection of songs for kids, and numerous educational videos backed by cheerful tunes, it’s the ultimate program for parents that want to teach their youngsters how to spell, count, and sing while they’re at it.

The app features 36 children’s music videos with lyrics, including Rock-a-Bye Baby, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and more.

Key Features

  • Free-to-use children’s karaoke app
  • 36 handpicked music videos with lyrics
  • Teacher-approved program
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices


Baby Karaoke is a free karaoke app.

What I Like / Dislike About Baby Karaoke

Baby Karaoke is a portable educational center that allows toddlers to learn fundamental cognitive skills through fun, engaging music videos.

There are no major downsides to Baby Karaoke, as it is a free app with a decent quantity of learning material.

Who Is This For?

Baby Karaoke is a handy app for parents raising toddlers and children who are still learning to spell, count, and sing.

6. The Voice – Sing Karaoke


The Voice’s Sing Karaoke app blends the top karaoke features into a well-rounded product suitable for everyone.

This app features over a million songs and music videos with lyrics, numerous studio tools that can be used to personalize the UI or add audio effects to your karaoke, and communication functions that can be used to get in touch with other users or friends using this app.

The Voice Feed is essentially the social-network side of the Sing Karaoke app while the Songbook features a detailed list of songs split into different categories, such as Recent, Recommended, and Popular. Genre-based music searching is also available.

Profile personalization is one of the most notable features of The Voice – Sing Karaoke, as it allows users to customize their accounts with unique profile pictures, review friends and performances, and more.

Key Features

  • Over a million songs in the database
  • The Voice Feed
  • Profile personalization
  • Genre-based song overview
  • Track recommendations, Recents, and Popular song searches


The Voice – Sing Karaoke is a free-to-use karaoke app that initially comes equipped with limited features. Exclusive features, such as the fully-unlocked music library and the removal of ads can be accessed by paying for a yearly pass, which costs $100.

What I Like / Dislike About The Voice – Sing Karaoke

Its song library is massive, and the UI is as clean as it is easy to use. One of the features I liked the most is the Voice Feed, which essentially doubles as a social media network.

Free accounts are privy to a handful of limited features, but what I really didn’t like is the fact that you can’t get rid of the ads unless you pay $100 each year.

Who Is This For?

The Voice – Sing Karaoke is a perfect way for amateurs and intermediate-level singers to show off their vocal skills. The free version of the app is best suited for singer enthusiasts while the premium version should be affordable for most people.

7. Houseparty (Discountinued)


HouseParty was launched during the early days of the pandemic, focusing on creating a gamified online communication experience for people that aren’t too familiar with modern-day technology.

It’s one of the simplest apps when it comes to installation and use, but it’s also equipped with a host of robust features. Numerous in-app games are available, with HouseParty Karaoke being the most popular one. Additionally, the app runs in the background while communication or games are active, extending its tools in full regardless of how it is used.

Without these games, HouseParty is an online communication app, just like Zoom, Skype, or Telegram. This special new game brought more than ten thousand songs to the table, allowing users to sing while chatting with up to three friends.

Key Features

  • Over 10,000 songs
  • Powerful online communication tools
  • Up to 4 people can enter the conversation/karaoke session at any point
  • Instant notifications about online friends
  • Numerous other in-app games


HouseParty is a free-to-use app.

What I Like / Dislike About Houseparty

Houseparty is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it’s completely free to use. However, the best thing about it is that it was designed as an online communication tool. Its potential use cases are limitless, as it can be used for professional video conferencing, gaming, and anything in between.

Houseparty is more of an honorable mention on this list than an actual recommendation. It used to be one of the top karaoke apps, but as of recently, it’s been discontinued.

Who Is This For?

HouseParty is communication-oriented software, and I recommend it to people that are searching for one while its karaoke-based features are just a plus.

Wrap up

The best karaoke app won’t bore you with a constrained music library comprised of a dozen songs. The ultimate karaoke app should help you emerge on the global scene by enabling you to meet great singers and people, and more importantly, upload your own tracks and beats for others to discover and enjoy.

Gone are the days of using bulky singing machine karaoke tools – with the help of these popular karaoke apps you’ll be improving your singing skills in no time.

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