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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Technology comes with a wide array of limitless possibilities, even in the realm of music production. Nowadays, you do not need to spend 4 hours waiting for a music producer who may just refuse to advertise your hard-earned album. With technology, you have the power to create and promote your own music easily.

First of all, your songs must be of high quality in order to capture the hearts of the listeners. To make sure that you will be able to record your songs properly, you can visit the Red Drum Music Studios website for some tips on how to record a song that listeners would love to share with their friends.

Lucky for you that in this day and age of digital consumerism, there are several platforms where you can promote your songs or albums and make them easily available for the millions of people all over the world to hear and enjoy. In choosing the right platform, however, you have to know your objectives and target audience. Whether you are aware of it or not, different platforms serve different purposes. Instagram, for instance, is perfect for raising awareness, promoting teasers, or for strengthening your brand as an artist. The best thing about online platforms is their interconnectivity. You can embed links to an account that will redirect users to another app or page.

For other important ways to make sure that your songs can be accessed by your audience on almost all platforms online, read on.

1. Post Your Video Single

The best place to release your single is through YouTube. You can post first the album, then the music video, and later, the lyric video. Contents on this platform are the easiest to share. You can expect your fans, as well as other people who like the song, to share it with others.

Be as creative as possible when creating your music video or even your album cover. Creative concepts never fail to lure in audiences, provided that the concepts are within the guidelines of YouTube or any other community.

Your YouTube account can be your vantage point. You can embed or share the links of your song or album to other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Social networking sites are fun and interactive sites. The users are free to comment, review, and discuss your music posts, thus generating a buzz. This is one great way to promote your song or album, especially if you’re a first-timer in the field of music advertising.

2. Maintain Active Social Media Accounts

Releasing your music online necessitates having well-maintained active social media accounts. Since social media sites vary in terms of user demographics, it is best to maintain as many as possible. Choose the ones with a large base of users. Social media sites are the most convenient venues to sync all of your other platforms, including blogs, websites, YouTube videos, and so on.

Furthermore, social media accounts give you greater flexibility in posting content related to your newly released single. Your posts keep the fire burning. Remember to focus on concise and powerful content. It will set you apart from other artists. You can create an account for your album. Better yet, create a personal account, where you can share your present and future music, sparking the interest of your followers.

3. Use Itunes to Promote Your Song

When you want people to have a taste of your music, you can upload it to the iTunes instant-gratification track. You will be allowed to release one song and customers can download it. After the promotion, you will have to release the full album. To attract potential customers, upload the best song on the album. This one must make the audience want to listen to the other songs in it. People always want more once they have had a good feeling from your music.

Although iTunes is a great platform for Internet radio broadcasting and managing online media library, it is limited to Apple users only. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, announced in 2013 that iTunes had over 500 million users worldwide. The number may have grown to billion by this time. Uploading your music to iTunes, therefore, would still give you a very wide reach.

4. Upload on Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an online community where music lovers upload, like, and share songs and albums posted by other users. The great advantage of posting on Soundcloud is focus and relevance. Unlike other platforms, Soundcloud purely works with music. You can be assured your audience are all music enthusiasts who not only appreciate music, but also respect the artists, especially the newbies.

You can upload your songs on Soundcloud and once you are done, you can embed the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts so that it can be listened to by anyone and everyone. This is one way of promoting your songs without spending a lot of money. People who have fallen in love with them will surely be eager to buy those that you release for sale.

5. Create an Account at Tunecore


TuneCore is an independent community of artists. You can create your account and release your songs through this platform to over 150 digital music stores. What is great about it is that you can sell your songs and get 100% of your earnings. Aside from earning from your songs, you will be able to distribute and share them easily and increase the number of your fans.

6. Create a Blog and Website

The platforms mentioned above are rented. Anytime that Facebook, for instance, shuts down, your following also vanishes. Fortunately, there are free sites that allow you to create your own website and blog. WordPress, Weebly, and Ghost are examples of self-hosted sites. You are at your own liberty to describe your album or discuss the inspiration behind your songs. This sparks the interest of your target audience, encouraging them to buy and share the exciting news with their friends. Plus, self-hosted sites can also be linked to your social networking sites profile.

7. Use Email

Direct advertising never gets old. While community-based sites, self-hosted sites, streaming services, and other platforms are subject to a search engine’s algorithm that may not prioritize you and your songs, direct mails are guaranteed to reach your target audience. If you have an existing fan base, you may ask for their respective email addresses. If they are interested to get updates from you, you can send them infographics or articles containing links to song or music video. It is a little bit tedious, especially if you intend to save costs and not hire another party to automate the sending of messages, but it is totally worth the effort.


Make use of these free tools and services for the release of your songs online and gain more exposure for free. People need to listen to your music before they can decide to buy it and you have these tools at your disposal at no charge.

Remember that these recommended sites can only be maximized so much when it comes to promoting your song and consequently your entire album. You have to exert effort in delivering quality content and quality material, both audio and visual. Also, keep your target audience interested with frequent promotional initiatives. Do not just stop at uploading a video and waiting for your users to buy your album. Be aggressive and continue to invest your efforts in marketing. Lastly, know your timing. Know the best time to release your song and your free marketing initiatives.

Do all these and in due time, you will reap the fruits of your promotional labor.

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