23 Hilarious Guitar Faces You’ve Probably Made (BEST Collection)

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Written by: Cody

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

We’ve all done it, and we’ve all seen other guitar players do it – make a funny face when we’re really feeling a groove or rocking a solo. It’s a form of expression and to many of us, it just comes naturally, we can’t help it. Although from time to time, someone snags a picture of a guitar player making an expression you just can’t help but smile at. If you’re a guitar player reading this, you’ve most likely made one of these funny guitar faces yourself. Check out the list below of 23 hilarious guitar faces made by legendary guitarists and bassists (because they make some pretty awesome faces too).

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  1. The “Rollercoaster drop” – Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughan
srv funny guitar face
Source: Gigcity
  • The “Coochy coo” face – Artist: John Mayer
  • john mayer funny guitar face
    Source: Acidcow
  • The “I’m on a roll!” face – B.B King
  • bb king funny guitar face
    Source: Guitar Master Class
  • The “Whoa did I do that?” face – Artist: Geddy Lee
  • geddy lee funny guitar face
    Source: Ultimate-Guitar
  • The “I can’t believe you’ve done this” face – Artist: Steve Vai
  • steve vai guitar face
    Source: Truefire
  • The “This bathroom smells” face – Artist: Slash
  • slash funny guitar face
    Source: Getty Images
  • The “Deep in thought” face – Artist: David Gilmour
  • david gilmour funny guitar face
    Source: Dailymail
  • The “I stubbed my toe” face – Artist: Santana
  • santana funny guitar face
    Source: Truefire
  • The “Surprise birthday party reaction” face – Artist: Este Haim
  • este haim funny guitar face
    Source: Gigwise
  • The “Woopsie daisy” face – Artist: Princeprince funny guitar face
  • The “Beaver tooth” face – Artist: Jimmy Page
  • jimmy page funny guitar face
    Source: Pinterest
  • The “Last night was crazy” face – Artist: Joe Walsh
  • joe walsh funny guitar face
    Source: Pinterest
  • The “Breakdown” face – Artist: Alex Lifeson
  • alex lifeson funny guitar face
    Source: The Rush Forum
  • The “I’m a badass” face – Artist: Jimi Hendrix
  • jimi hendrix funny guitar face
    Source: Angel.dk
  • The “Class clown” face – Artist: Brian Jones
  • brian jones funny guitar face
    Source: Celebs-place
  • The “Blowing in the wind” face – Artist: Keith Richards
  • keith richards funny guitar face
    Source: Stuff.co.nz
  • The “Ooou Ahhh” face – Artist: Joe Satriani
  • joe satriani funny guitar face
    Source: Pinterest
  • The “Heavy Deadlift” face – Artist: Bruce Springsteen
  • bruce springsteen funny guitar face
    Source: The Savage Roads
  • The “Drop the bass” face – Artist: Unknownunknown funny guitar face
  • The “You’re in trouble” face – Artist: John Frusciante
  • john frusciante funny guitar face
    Source: Ultimate-Guitar
  • The “Scrunchy” face – Artist: Gary Moore
  • gary moore funny guitar face
    Source: Pinterest
  • The “Holding back a tear” face – Artist: Buddy Guy
  • buddy guy funny guitar face
    Source: Pinterest
  • The “Crazy eyes” face – Artist: Devin Townsend
  • devin townsend funny guitar face
    Source: I Love Fuzz

    Bonus Guitar Faces Collection

    Through looking for the awesome guitar faces in this post, I came across a collection of images that have been let’s say… slightly altered, to replace the guitarists’ guitar with a snail. Don’t ask me why the creator chose to pick a snail as the replacement but it’s actually pretty funny. Here’s a preview.

    alex lifeson snail

    Check out the full snail gallery here.


    Hopefully, this list of funny guitar faces made you laugh. If you’re a guitar player, you’ve almost certainly made one of these funny faces yourself. It’s all about expression and really “feeling the music”. It certainly isn’t a bad thing or something that you should try to hide. I would actually encourage you to be as expressive as you’d like, most times being expressive physically will result in much more feeling and expression in the music you’re playing.

    If you have a guitar player friend that makes one of these faces share this post with them. Comment below which face is your favorite!

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