Top 24 Greatest Gifts for Piano Players (Updated for 2022)

Written by: Cody

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

If your piano-playing friend’s birthday is coming up, you’ve probably spent some time on the market searching for ideas. It could be something as ordinary as a piano-themed mug, a plain old cheese board, or something a bit more special, like a tuning kit, or a page-flip pedal.

That’s why I’ve prepared a few ideas that I think could be the best gifts for piano players. And if you need even more inspiration, check out this full guide of gifts for musicians.

What Are the Best Gifts for Piano Players?

Here is my list of the best gifts for piano players this year.

1. A Membership for Online Piano Lessons

Online piano lessons are classes held by experienced teacher-players, and there are more than a few companies that provide them.

If you’re searching for the best, I’d recommend checking our ranking list; it features both low-cost courses and premium masterclasses.

More importantly, some of these websites are not just for beginners; featuring an abundance of learning material and comprehensive explainer videos, even advanced piano players could benefit from them.

In my humble opinion, Playground Sessions and Flowkey are the best-rounded options why Skoove is an excellent alternative for pianists on a cash-strapped budget.

2. Book Clip and Page Holder

A page holder is an essential piece in every piano player’s rig. While it’s easy to assume that something as simple as a clip is only used by beginners while learning, nearly all pros use them just the same.

Stelle & Hegen’s metal clip is quite versatile and can be used to keep pages of books or music sheets widely spread out and visible. Made of premium-quality stainless steel and featuring a gorgeous design, it’s an excellent, thoughtful gift you can give to any piano player, and you’ll hit the right spot.

3. Korg Monotron Synthesizer

If you’re searching for a unique gift for the pianist in your life, look no further than Korg’s Monotron delay analog ribbon synthesizer. It’s basically a ribbon controller equipped with multiple onboard effects, but the sheer fact that it’s a Korg-made product (and a ribbon synth at that) will show your thoughtfulness.

Korg is one of the go-to brands for most seasoned piano players. Ribbon synthesizers aren’t as popular as they should be, as they provide outstandingly versatile tools for experimentation with unique tones and timbres.

The Monotron synth packs customizable analog delay, as well as responsive pitch control spanning across the range of four octaves. It also has an inbuilt speaker and shines brightly in dark.

4. Library of Piano Classics

It’s true that digital tablatures almost swept written sheet music away for newer generations, but most piano players still prefer pages they can touch and hold. Library of Piano Classics is a comprehensive compendium comprised of more than a hundred most popular piano songs from classic composers, such as Chopin, Beethoven, and Schubert.

This little book is a compilation of sheet music that is perfect for both teachers and piano students. If your friend is struggling with sight-reading, the Library of Piano Classics could be precisely what they need.

5. Studio Monitors

Most musicians already have decent speakers at home, so if you really aim to surprise your pianist friend, I suggest you set some money aside and get PreSonus Eris E studio monitors.

One of the best things about this speaker set is that it comes supplied with two extraordinary apps for musicians, called Studio Magic and Studio One Prime; both are great for piano players that compose their own music and are in need of plugins that provide additional tone-shaping and audio editing options.

Software aside, Eris sounds absolutely amazing. It boasts a neutral sonic signature and is powered by a 1-inch Hi-frequency transducer, offering an excellent sound quality alongside the ability to register both ultra-low and ultra-high tones.

6. Quality Headphones

Practicing and composing music at home can be quite a bother if your neighbors aren’t too supportive of your playing. If you think that’s a problem your pianist friend is faced with, I recommend Sennheiser’s HD 280 Pro as a gift.

These headphones feature oversized muffs that negate almost all ambient sounds while being comfortable to use for hours.

One of the reasons why I’m recommending this specific model is because it’s the first in the HD Pro line that boasts an expanded frequency range. Newer HD Pro Sennheisers are basically the same while costing more and arguably looking a tad better.

7. Casio CTX700 Portable Keyboard

You may be thinking “why should I buy a keyboard for a friend that already owns a better-sounding, real piano?”

That’s a fair assessment, only Casio’s CTX700 isn’t just any keyboard. It’s one of the most customizable digital keyboards on the current market, offering six hundred unique tones and nearly two hundred rhythm effects. If there’s one thing about traditional pianos that modern players aren’t too fond of, it is the fact that they rarely have more than 3-4 tone presets.

Aside from unparalleled tonal versatility, CTX700 is portable, light, and compliant with most USB-MIDI devices. Its keys are authentically sized to recreate the look and feel of a real piano and boast customizable touch-responsiveness.

8. Keyboard Amplifier

Buying an amplifier for someone is always tricky. You’ll have to know precisely what kind of tone that person likes; what kind of effects they are fond of using, and how much power (wattage) they need for their piano playing needs.

Peavey’s KB 1 is an exception, as it is a universally near-perfect keyboard amp that most piano players will be thrilled to own and use.

Easy tone customization with an onboard equalizer, dual channels, and a robust 8-inch speaker are just some of the reasons why this KB 1 is among the most versatile keyboard amplifiers around.

9. Soundbrenner Pulse

A hip digital metronome for a hip piano player, Soundbrenner Pulse is easily one of the most popular gifts for pianists across the globe.

This is a wearable metronome that offers a range of advanced features, including compatibility with digital audio workstations, support for over five devices (simultaneously), customizable rhythms, and most importantly, customizable pulsing intensity.

Its multiplayer connectivity makes it perfectly suited for bands and groups of students, but the ideal way to present it as a gift is to buy one for your friend, and one for yourself. This way, you can practice together while being on the same page tempo-wise.

Soundbrenner Pulse also comes with a companion app, which can be used to access all of these features from a smartphone.

10. Duet Piano Bench

A piano stool is a simple gift idea. Most pianists already have one, so your gift should ideally be a sort of upgrade to the model your friend currently owns. Donner’s Duet Piano Stool is an excellent choice, as it offers enough space for two pianists to comfortably sit at the same time while its durability is quite great too.

Speaking of which, the Duet Piano Stool is entirely made of high-quality solid wood and is very compact. The stool weighs less than 20 pounds while being able to support up to 340.

The artificial leather on top is filled with a robust, plush sponge material, ensuring both comfort and the stool’s longevity are top-notch. Just like with all piano stools, Donner’s model features a storage compartment underneath the sitting surface. The extended length of this stool means the storage is also more spacious.

11. Piano Carry Bag

A piano carry bag is one of the accessories that you can never have enough of. When beginner pianists buy their first digital keyboard, they usually receive a gratis, but flimsy gig bag.

Although this may not be a massive upgrade, Ruibo’s 61-key carry bag is solidly durable and large enough to fit medium-sized keyboards and melodicas. Furthermore, it features two side pockets that can be used for storing piano essentials (sheet music, pens, and such).

The main reason why piano bags are a perfect gift is because they can be used as regular bags when needed. There should be enough space to fit several books, a laptop, and a couple of clothing items. I am recommending Ruibo’s piano carry bag because its performance is outstanding considering it’s a low-cost bag.

12. Mechanical Metronome

Digital metronomes, such as Soundbrenner’s Pulse, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Although they are more versatile than traditional ones, the vintage looks and surgical accuracy of mechanical metronomes remain unbeatable.

If your pianist friend isn’t too keen on modern technology, I warmly recommend Ueteto’s mechanical metronome. The good old bell sound is more pronounced than any vibration or “click” produced by digital metronomes.

Furthermore, mechanical metronomes generally perform better for studio musicians than digital ones.

This particular model boasts a broad tempo range spanning from 40 to 208 beats per minute and supports time signatures of twos, threes, fours, and sixes. Even if your friend doesn’t need one for practical purposes, it’s still a thoughtful gift that could serve as a decoration.

13. Piano Note Stickers

Learning the basics of music theory is arguably even harder than playing an actual instrument for many people. Although note names are relatively easy to memorize, some piano beginners really struggle to play notes on command when they’re shouted out.

Baston’s piano note stickers can help your friend out considerably, as they’re not just a collection of letters that you could write on your keyboard yourself. What separates Baston’s stickers is the sheet music interpretation of each note. Learning to sight-read with them slapped onto the keys should be a breeze.

These piano note stickers cover all 88 keys and can be used on both traditional and digital pianos. There’s also a simple guide included in the package, detailing which stickers should be placed on which keys.

Baston’s stickers are also great gifts for pianist parents that are teaching their children the basics. Your friend will certainly appreciate the thought, and the child will have an easier way to memorize the notes.

14. Recording Software

Recording any instrument is a highly complex topic, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right tools.

You can safely assume that your pianist friend will begin composing or recording music at some point if they haven’t already. I recommend gifting a high-quality DAW (digital audio workstation) to your friend; this will enable them to streamline the recording process and significantly upgrade the quality of sound, as well as introduce a plethora of interesting effects and customizable features.

If you aren’t familiar with digital audio workstations, I recommend checking out Musician Tuts’ selection of beginner DAWs. Not only does this guide feature reviews of the finest beginner-friendly workstations, but it also explains their features, functions, and purposes in detail.

I used FL (Fruity Loops) Studio when I began recording music, and I still consider it a simple, yet comprehensive digital audio workstation.

Bandlab is an excellent alternative, which I recommend to pianists that want to record on an iOS device. ProTools and Cubase are a bit more complex but they are equipped with numerous advanced features that could completely change any recording.

15. Piano Cleaner

Keeping a piano clean and properly maintained is an absolute necessity. The keys are moved by delicate mechanical contraptions that can rust and malfunction over time if they are not cleaned before and after each playing session.

Experienced pianists already have a piece of clean cloth, a polishing solution, and pieces of special wax to keep their instruments clean. However, what if you present your friend with a gift that could replace the entire kit?

MusicNomad’s MN130 all-in-one cleaner is a bottle filled with potent cleaning ingredients that were specifically included in the formula to clean gloss finish pianos.

What distinguishes Music Nomad’s MN130 from contemporary piano cleaning solutions is the Brazilian wax infusion, which serves as an extra layer of protection. This cleaning solution is non-coloring and odorless, and I was positively shocked when I discovered how affordable it is.

Just like most piano accessories, you’ll always hit the mark if you present them as gifts, regardless of the occasion. After all, cleaning supplies tend to run out fast, so having a backup is always nice.

16. Piano Light Stand

You would be surprised how useful light stands and lamps can be for piano players. Some people can’t see the keys too clearly in dim-lit conditions; others who prefer playing along with sheet music obviously need a strong light to illuminate the pages.

Since lamps are generally considered pretty basic gifts, I wanted to recommend one equipped with numerous powerful features.

First of all, Vekkia’s light stand offers nine brightness levels, and you can customize each one by alternating between pressing and holding the keys. With a bit of experimentation, anyone can find the perfect light configuration, regardless of how dark or bright the room is. I should also mention that this lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery.

The broad-beam technology revolves around the careful positioning of the 19 LED lights, which can cover an extremely wide area without losing potency. Furthermore, it’s an excellent choice for professionals, as its anti-glare shield was designed to protect the eyes, even if the strongest setting is active.

finger exerciser

17. Finger Exerciser Tool

D’Addario is among the most popular string makers in the industry, and a brand that is renowned for creating innovative instrument accessories. This finger exerciser is as great for guitarists as it is for piano players, as it was designed to help improve the player’s finger strength and flexibility.

Featuring four spring-loaded tubes with adjustable tension strength, this exerciser is both remarkably useful and easy to use.

What makes it stand out from other finger exercising tools is the ergonomic design, providing comfort and enabling prolonged usage.

18. Piano Cheese Board

As the symbols of elegancy and style, cheese, wine, and pianos go hand in hand perfectly. I’m not recommending Toscana’s cheese board for that reason alone; this board is actually made in the shape of a piano and is, in my humble opinion, one of the best gifts for piano players and gourmets alike.

Unlike regular cheese boards, this model also features a special storage compartment where several tools can be stored. The cheese board already comes supplied with a pronged knife, a corkscrew, and a petite cheese fork.

19. Piano Mug

If you’re planning on buying your pianist friend a gift while being on a somewhat constricted budget, a piano-style mug can be a good idea.

You are probably aware of the fact that most people buy mugs when they’re not particularly inspired in terms of gift ideas. However, I would excuse Awowee’s Piano Mug any day of the week, as it is one of the most brilliant designs I’ve come across in a while.

It is a plain white mug surrounded by piano keys. Its simplicity is the root of its brilliance, as it is meant to be practical and show that you care about your friend’s hobby (or occupation).

As far as its build is of concern, Awowee’s mug is made of sturdy ceramic that is capable of enduring an accidental fall or two.

20. Music Journal

Sometimes simple gifts are the best. If you think piano mugs are cliche, I recommend a music journal.

Peter Pauper Press’ Music Journal measures 6 by 8 inches and features 160 pages. Its cover boasts gorgeous embossing and elegant accents while the elastic band ensures the pages are firmly bound in place.

This is a beautiful, thoughtful gift idea; it’s easily one of the best gifts for piano players that already own high-end amps, headphones, stereo, and pretty much everything else.

21. Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal

Modern technology brought sheet music to smartphones and computers. Unsurprisingly, an average iPad can store thousands of sheet music while numerous programs allow pianists to automate the reading process.

Beginners often need a bit more time with each page, which is when PageFlip’s Firefly page-turner pedal really comes in handy. This is an advanced piano pedal that can simulate your smartphone/tablet’s controls and allow you to use them by stepping on its pedals.

It’s a battery-powered page-turner, although it can also be connected to AC adapters with a USB cable. Even though it may be on the pricier side of today’s list, PageFlip’s Firefly is an excellent gift idea for tech-minded piano players.

22. Melodica Instrument

Melodica is essentially a harmonica with piano keys. It’s a reed instrument, not a petite synthesizer, and just like you probably never heard of them, there is a chance your pianist friend never knew they needed one until now.

Eastar’s melodica features 37 keys, boasts a decent-quality sound, and it’s one of the cheapest unique gifts you can give to a friend.

23. Piano Tuning Kit

Tuning a piano requires a variety of different tools. Even if your pianist friend is a beginner that rarely plays in different tunings, I recommend buying a comprehensive tuning kit as a gift for them.

Concha Cielo’s kit is comprised of a variety of screwdrivers, wrenches, tweezers, stop forks, stop sticks, and a compact ruler. Simplified tuning instructions are included as well.

24. Hand Massager

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many pianists suffer from Carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, arthritis, and finger aches. After all, moving fingers at lightning speed and pressing down the keys for hours at a time can cause a lot of stress on them.

All pianists should have a hand massager at home, and if your friend doesn’t, I recommend Lunix’s LX3. This is a cordless easy-to-use finger massager offering six levels of intensity. By utilizing a combination of heat, compression, and vibration, it effectively simulates authentic hand massages.

Final Thoughts

People who don’t play an instrument usually don’t have a clue about what the best gift for piano players may be. It could be a portable little stool, an instrument tuner, or a compact melodica.

If your best friend or significant other is the piano player you’re searching a gift for, I have also included a couple of items that may cost a bit more but are truly valuable, even if the player already has something similar at home.

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