19 Amazing Gifts for DJs On Your List (2022 Edition)

Written by: Cody

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

My brother-in-law’s a DJ, and whenever his birthday is coming up, I can’t help but laugh at what people usually bring him as gifts. He probably has twenty sets of budget headphones, a ton of microphones that barely work, and more cassettes than he could record music to in one lifetime.

In preparation for his upcoming party, I made a list of things I considered to gift him and wanted to share it with you, so let’s take a peek at the best gifts for DJs in 2022.

Gifts for DJs

1. Digital DJ Controller

Most professional DJs have main controller rigs that they can’t wait to show off during large gigs, arenas, and festivals, and then they also have portable DJ controllers for smaller gigs. They’re smaller, lighter, and generally easier to use, albeit these benefits come at the expense of versatility.

DJ controllers also make for excellent gifts for beginner DJs. Being simple to use and fairly affordable, they offer a simple way to splice music and create an atmosphere. Numark’s DJ2GO2 Touch is my prime choice for people searching for the best gifts for DJs.

This pocket-sized controller boasts two channels, simple cue settings, parallel sliders, and simple EQ controls.

2. Smoke Machine

A smoke machine can make even the smallest of gigs an exclusive event. It creates a special kind of atmosphere, especially with all the lasers and light shows piercing it. If you thought these machines cost an arm and a leg simply because you paid hundreds of dollars to rent one for your last party, you’d be wrong.

Hakuta’s 600w smoke machine costs barely over $50 while featuring built-in LED RGB lights, integrated lights, and a convenient remote controller so that anyone can operate it while the DJ is focused on ensuring the music’s spot on.

3. DJ Software

Software is the brain running DJ shows, and I have no doubt that a quality app is one of the best gifts for DJs you can buy (or more specifically, subscribe to). Whether it be experimenting with different tones, testing out new samples, creating mixtapes, or recording music, it simply can’t be done without DJ software.

Serato DJ Pro is widely acclaimed as the most comprehensive DJ app available in the market. Sporting an array of unique effects, advanced key detection, midi sampling, as well as a range of fully customizable features, this program is something thousands of professionals are using, but it’s as beginner-friendly as they come.

You’ll have several monthly subscription options to choose from; I recommend Serato DJ Essentials, as this plan is barely a few dollars more expensive than the basic DJ Pro while featuring Serato Play, FX, Flip, and Pitch ‘n Time in addition to the core DJ Pro software.

4. A Collection of Sample Packs

Ever wondered what separates David Guetta, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Dedmau5, and Paul van Dyk from your local DJs? Aside from innate talent, a wealth of experience, and access to the most advanced technologies, these DJs would’ve made it to the upper echelons anyway, as they are constantly updating their sample libraries.

Just like with DJ lighting gear, you can never have enough samples to say your library is “complete”. Regardless of whether your DJ friend has thousands of samples or if they just started, gifting them a few bundles would be a good idea. I recommend starting your search on Prime Loops’ website.

From a variety of drum kick packs, over electronic bass lines, to exquisite African beats, this website’s got it all.

5. Portable SSD Hard Drive

A portable hard drive is a fairly neutral gift idea. Anyone wouldn’t mind having extra “pocket” storage space, especially DJs that are constantly sharing samples, mixtapes, recording ideas, and such.

Given that portable SSDs are usually pricey, I wanted to recommend Seagate 2 TB model. In short words, it’s super-small, boasts a sleek design, and it can fit even the most spec-starved apps and software with ease.

6. High-Performance Headphones

Headphones are considered among the key elements of any DJ rig. They’re a necessity for creating new music, but they’re equally important for live gigs when DJs have to constantly monitor their sound.

Contrary to what many people would think, professional high-performance headphones don’t always cost a fortune. Pioneer’s DJ HDJ-CUE1BT is a prime example of top-tier cans that are decently affordable while offering numerous features often associated with high-end models.

From the extended frequency range, over robust 40 mm drivers, to the latest Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones are everything a DJ needs to create and release their artistic visions into the world.

7. Floor Mat

The stability of the furniture you’re placing extremely expensive DJ gear on is arguably as important as anything. To prevent accidental slippage, and to save your back from aching, most professionals use a mat.

Beginners tend to use whatever’s available, but if you want to surprise your friend with a mat that both looks and performs, I recommend Amazon Basics’s mat. Even though it’s advertised as an exercise mat, its matte black color and anti-slip properties make it an excellent choice for DJs.

8. Reloop Stand Hub

A Stand Hub is not just a regular “stand”. It’s a hybrid between a connector hab and a laptop stand that allows the user to connect a variety of cables, plugs, and USBs to their computer gear while keeping the laptop stable and firmly in place.

One of the reasons why I think this is one of the best gifts for DJs is because it swats two flies with one stone. Connectivity can be a huge obstacle in small, crowded venues, especially if the DJ forgot (or doesn’t have) the USB hub. With four USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C, and One USB-C PD, a separate hub usually isn’t necessary.

The gorgeous design of this stand helps create a more professional look while also ensuring the laptop sits firmly in place while the party is raging.

9. DJ Backpack

A DJ backpack is a bit different from an average one. It should feature enough space to fit a computer, a set of speakers, and a bunch of cables, but it should also be both sturdy and lightweight to be used almost regularly.

If you’ve noticed your DJ friend is carrying their gear in flimsy paper bags or in their hands while going to gigs, let me introduce you to DGCASE’s DJ backpack.

This backpack was specifically designed to fit some of the most popular DJ controllers; it rocks two separate compartments with a zippered closure system. The reinforced and padded straps and back are a godsend for hauling heavy gear, allowing DJs to carry the bulk of their equipment, even if they had to go on foot to their next gig.

10. Bandcamp Gift Card

A Bandcamp gift card is essentially a pass to grab premium vinyl, CDs, EPs, and music in other formats on one of the largest online music marketplaces. Furthermore, you can enter a message to celebrate the event you’re buying the gift for in the first place.

If you’re not entirely sure who your DJ friend’s favorite artists and performers are, a gift card will allow them to pick and choose whichever track or album they need to fill their collection.

You can choose between $10, $20, $50, and $100. These flexible pricing options ensured that anyone can afford to buy a meaningful gift for DJ, even on a tight budget.

11. Posture Corrector

Given that they spend hours in a chair, many DJs suffer from back pain and bad posture. Although you could arrange a session with a professional chiropractor for your DJ friend, buying a posture corrector will help them overcome this issue rather than alleviate the symptoms for a specified time.

FitSupport’s Back Brace posture corrector was designed for both men and women. It’s small enough to be hidden under clothing while being fully adjustable for your friend to feel comfortable wearing it.

12. Cable Clamps

Poor cable management is one of the ways to ruin a perfectly fine evening for any musician or DJ. Whether someone trips over them and forces the laptop to the ground, disconnects your speakers in the middle of a song, or pulls the rug on the lighting system, the party’s vibe will certainly not be the same as before.

I recommend Flytuo’s 60-pack cable clamp bundle to people that want to give something practical to their DJ friends, regardless of the occasion.

13. USB Hub

What do smartphone chargers, battery adapters, audio interfaces, and certain headphones have in common? USB ports. You’d be surprised how many free USB slots a DJ needs on your average Tuesday night, not to mention bigger, more important gigs.

Most beginner DJs don’t have one, and if your friend is one of them, let me recommend Cowzuc’s USB Hub model. It features five USB sockets in total, which comprise one USB 3.0, two USB Type C, one USB 2.0 Type A, and one USB 2.0.

It’s a pocket-sized miracle for DJs that tend to waste precious minutes searching for an outlet to keep their laptop ready for the gig, plus it’s more than affordable.

14. Native Instruments Maschine Plus

So many DJs never had an opportunity to explore the amazing benefits of grooveboxes. A bit simpler than controllers but far more versatile than your average mixing table, groovebox samplers are among the best gifts for DJs for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking for one to gift to your DJ friend, I warmly recommend NI’s Maschine+.

Featuring an inbuilt audio interface, large HD displays, streamlined volume controls, fully customizable sound pads, an expandable memory, and a robust casing, Maschine Plus is easily one of the strongest DJ samplers out there.

15. ADJ Pro Event Table

Beginner DJs often place equipment worth thousands of dollars on flimsy, unstable tables right next to gallons of liquids; these seemingly uninteresting tables often look inviting to party attendants, and rightly so, as they’re barely different from other furniture in the room.

For people that are searching for gifts that would help their DJ friends stand out from the rest of the crowd, I recommend ADJ’s Pro Event Table.

This flamboyant table is sleek and modern, but more importantly, it rocks a collapsible design. Despite being fairly large, it’s easy to pack, install, and disassemble. It also rocks ample space for DJ equipment while leaving enough room for DJ’s personal belongings too.

16. DJ Speakers

Speakers are to DJs what ears are to the rest of the people. Quality speakers can be found at practically all price ranges. If your budget allows it, I recommend Pioneer’s DM-50D; this is a set of 25-watt speakers equipped with 5-inch woofers that respond absolutely great to heavy bass music.

17. Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Cleaning vinyl with old brushes can severely damage them. Ask your friend how they maintain their vinyl collection, and if this is their answer, I warmly recommend gifting them EVEO’s vinyl record cleaner kit as soon as possible.

18. DJ Lights

For DJ, the atmosphere is arguably as important as the music playing in the background. The party starts when the lights start flashing, and the more, the merrier. High-quality lighting equipment is very expensive, and since you’re looking for a gift, I wanted to recommend something a bit more affordable.

YeeSite’s Led Par stage lights feature two remotely operated stage light machines. The remote will allow your friend to control voice sensitivity, enter the “sound activated mode”, change light colors, adjust brightness, and more.

19. Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synths

It’s amazing how many wonderful technologies exist in the 21st century, but what’s even more interesting is that the world of electronic music would set its sights on old-school, synth-based tones and sounds.

All DJs need at least one synthesizer tone in their arsenal. Hauling a massive piano with a few synth effects is certainly inconvenient; synth packs are a bit bland, and not everyone has the time to fine-tune them to sound innovative.

If you want to surprise your DJ friend with something they’ll use almost daily, I recommend Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator PO-128. This is precisely what it sounds like – a pocket-sized synthesizer that features 12 unique tones that your friend can experiment with to their heart’s content.

Final Thoughts

T best gifts for DJs don’t have to be super expensive. You can find meaningful gifts under $50, but who am I to stop you from sharing a bit of love and appreciation? If you’re still not sure what your DJ friend would be the happiest with, you can’t go wrong with the Serato DJ Pro subscription.

I hope that you’ve found the perfect idea on my list.

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