3 Key DJ Networking Tips For Aspiring DJs In 2022

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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Artists are sometimes characterized as being lone wolves. They may even like to brand themselves in this fashion, flying solo as a wandering minstrel-type figure. 

However, every creative person needs a network of supporting figures around them to help elevate their presence and craft. DJs are no exception to this rule. Having a list of quality contacts can make a difference in booking certain venues, residency deals, and representation. 

Some aspiring artists believe that being in the peripheral of the community makes them more intriguing and unique. While some prolific artists can perhaps get away with being egotistical, newcomers to a scene can’t afford to adopt the same persona. Therefore, it’s important to put your best foot forward and engage with those willing to help you. 

Here are some networking tips for aspiring DJs. 

1. Know Your Stuff

It’s much easier to establish your presence among peers when you know what you’re talking about. There’s a lot of depth to DJing, and showcasing the extent of your knowledge will make better the chances of others in the industry noticing you. Discussing accessories can help you with this. 

Read PIRATE’s list of DJ accessories if you need to brush up on your knowledge. From vinyl cleaning products to slipmats and styluses, you can learn about everything you need to spin vinyl in a club setting. You can also read about headphones and headshells, dustcovers, and more. You’ll be a better and more prepared DJ with these teachings, but you’ll also have plenty to discuss with others too. 

After all, once you’ve learned more tools of your trade, you can then be in a position to pass on knowledge or even recommend the same informative resources you’ve read. It highlights the extent of your commitment to DJing and how you’re willing to improve your craft and learn about its nuances. If you keep exuding this type of energy, peers and potential agents and managers will surely be impressed. 

Of course, starting a conversation can be hard when networking, too, especially when you’re nervous. However, if you have a range of encyclopedic DJing knowledge banked in your memory, you’ll never be short on chatty topics to help you facilitate a dialogue. Be proud of your learning and showcase your progress with others. 

2. Improve Your Social Media Presence

Being a knowledgeable DJ can also inspire you to create compelling content online. While DJs often use cyberspace to find further opportunities, the potential for networking online shouldn’t be ignored. 

Think about starting an online blog or vlog series. If you can document the trajectory of your DJing career, it may inspire others in your sector to reach out directly. Remember, this type of content creation can serve as a character reference, and readers and viewers will be able to get to know the person behind the decks and beats. 

Use search engine optimization techniques to rank your content high in search engine results. That way, you can be certain that your content is getting seen by the masses. The more visible you appear the more trustworthy others may perceive you to be – which makes getting in touch seem like a better idea for them.  

Create a dedicated social media account for your DJing. Try not to mix in personal posts and keep a separate profile for that. Web surfers won’t spend long visiting a page, so it’s important you make an impactful first impression immediately, rather than forcing people to wade through posts about other aspects of your life before getting to the DJing. Post regularly and positively, and advertise your Twitter on Facebook, and vice versa. 

3. Reach Out Positively 

Many aspiring DJs will create great work, post it online, and wait to get noticed. Something may happen for the fortunate few, but it’ll be important to be more proactive for most. 

You will need to reach out to others at the start. Some ways of doing this are more effective than others. Consider trying to:

  • Send words of encouragement – If you’re a fan of a DJ’s work, celebrating their material and offering compliments could help you strike a bond. Others will see that you’re keen to lift others up rather than tear them down, making you more appealing to work within their eyes, too.
  • Promoting events – Set your ego aside and help venues and DJs with promotions, even if you haven’t been booked. Proving that you care about the industry without personal rewards factoring in will please others. 
  • Approach influencers – Influencers will often give shoutouts to people and their work for a price. Before contacting an influencer, consider their audience and whether their interests will seamlessly translate to your DJing efforts. 
  • Record who you’ve met – Success for DJs can be wild and unpredictable. Keep a list of everyone you’ve worked with, just in case these your contacts get big later and you need to call in favors. 

Attitude counts for everything when you’re networking as a DJ. Being overly competitive and desperate will lead you nowhere. Enjoy the present and remain humble. Others will gravitate to that energy.

Final Thoughts

Networking is key to a successful DJ career. You can use all the best DJ software and beat making software, own the best accessories, and make the greatest remixes but if you don’t network your career as a DJ might fall flat on its face.

Attend as many events and meet-ups as you can, and be sure to reach out to other DJs for advice and collaboration. By putting yourself out there and forming relationships with your peers, you’ll elevate your career to the next level in no time.

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