9 Websites With the Best Sample Packs In 2022 (Free & Paid)

Written by: Cody

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Not all artists are lucky enough to drink from the endless well of creativity. Some hit a wall, and if you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, you know how difficult and “plastic” it feels to write music by forcing yourself to.

That’s why I wanted to show you some of the best sample packs on the market. Whether you’re into pop, rock, blues, funk, electronic music, or even metal, there are people with overflowing creativity and inspiration that have made some riffs and melodies that you can use for your own music production.

The sample pack websites I’m listing in this guide provide samples that tend to be extremely easy to integrate with your DAW. So whether you’re using beat making software, DJ software, or just a simple digital audio workstation, you shouldn’t have any issues using these samples.

What are the Websites With the Best Samples Packs?

This is my list of the best sample packs on the market. Whether you’re looking for free or higher-quality paid options, this list covers them all.

1. Prime Loops


Prime Loops is a versatile marketplace that offers thousands of samples, including melody, vocal, MIDI, and drum packs at decently approachable prices. The website boasts a highly intuitive UI, allowing you to quickly find the precise samples you are looking for and discover new ones.

The main components of Prime Loops are its Store, which comprises all sample packs in the website’s libraries, and the Genres section, which categorizes samples into groups, such as Boom Rap, Afrobeats, African, Chill, Cinematic, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, RnB, Soul, Trap, Orchestral, and more.

Key Features

  • Thousands of sample packs
  • Royalty-free and sample clearance license types
  • The loops and beats are grouped into various genre-based categories
  • Frequent discounts and freebies are available


Prime Loops offers highly affordable, decently inexpensive packs, and everything in between. Some of the cheapest packs cost just below $7 while those on the pricier side can cost tenfold. Free sample packs are also available for download.

What I Like / Dislike About Prime Loops

One of the reasons why many artists claim that Prime Loops offers some of the best sample packs on the market is because this website frequently offers huge deals. It is perfectly normal for items on a Prime Loops sale to be discounted by more than 50%.

This website doesn’t have any fatal flaws. Its main drawback is that it mainly deals with electronic beats, offering little in terms of samples for certain genres such as rock, metal, and such.

Who Is This For?

If you’re into electronic music, you’ll want to visit the Prime Loops shop. It offers one of the most eclectic catalogs of chill, RnB, soul, African, and Asian beats at decently affordable prices. If you’re into heavier types of music, you may find a few MIDI packs, but Prime Loops may not be the platform for your needs.

2. Loop Masters


LoopMasters is one of the most popular websites that sell loops and samples. Their catalog comprises thousands of sample packs, synth presets, MIDI packs, DAW presets, and sample patches.

This website ensured that no matter what system you are using, you can find something to cater to your needs. Apple loops and Logic presets are there for Apple users; Ableton live packs and templates as well, but you can also find Native Instruments’ presets and expansions, standalone synths, samplers, and even GarageBand packs.

Key Features

  • A rapidly growing library of drum loops, packs, and bundles, comprising several thousand packs
  • DAW presets, MIDI packs, sampler patches, loops, and one-shots are available
  • Offers a range of products for all popular DJ controller brands, such as Logic, Ableton, Native Instruments, Reason, and more.
  • Covers the majority of popular music genres
  • Value bundles


The price range of LoopMasters products spans between roughly $5 and $70. This website frequently offers discounted loops at 50%-85% off.

What I Like / Dislike About Loop Masters

The fact that Loop Masters offers DJ tools and accessories alongside sample packs makes it better than most websites I’ve come across.

The Loop Masters catalog is so vast that you may end up spending hours on the website before you finally decide what you want to buy.

Who Is This For?

All artists, regardless of their preferred genre or music style, can benefit from Loop Masters sample packs. This website did its best to represent all music categories and offers a host of other products as well (DAW presets, MIDI packs, DJ controller templates, and more).

3. Splice


Splice is a hybrid loop marketplace that allows you to purchase individual packs and bundles, as well as subscribe to the platform to receive credits, which can be used to get free monthly sample packs.

This platform features over a million loop packs, and every product you purchase is yours to use indefinitely, even after the subscription ends. All samples are royalty-free, and you can download or preview individual and bundled samples.

To help you navigate through different genres and categories, Splice Sounds leverages an AI-assisted search function.

Key Features

  • Over a million sample packs and bundles
  • AI-powered Similar Sounds technology
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Numerous search filters
  • Exclusive artist packs


You can buy Splice packs with a verified account (free to make), or you can subscribe to the platform to receive monthly Sounds credits. Your subscription options include Splice+, Creator, and Creator+, offering 100, 200, and 500 monthly credits respectively.

What I Like / Dislike About Splice

The mobile app compatibility is one of the reasons why I think Splice is one of the best providers of sample packs on the current market. I also love its AI search bar and the highly customizable filters, as you can accurately pinpoint the packs you want in seconds.

The only thing I dislike about Splice is that you can’t use the advanced plugins unless you subscribe to the Creator plugin. Splice+ is decently affordable but quite basic.

Who Is This For?

Splice packs are absolutely perfect for DJs that create their own music while searching for royalty-free loops and beats. Whatever you are looking for, I think you’ll find it on Splice’s website, as this platform offers over a million unique samples.

4. WA Production


Similar to Splice, WA Production is a hybrid sample pack marketplace that you can use to find and buy samples and bundle packs, or subscribe to receive discounts, DAW templates, and free monthly packs.

Its UI is clean, and the versatile search filters allow you to seamlessly navigate the platform. Heaps of free content are also available for download, including free sounds, templates, and plugins.

Key Features

  • Tens of thousands of sample packs and bundles
  • Filter your search by sounds, genre, type, or instrument
  • Bonus content with every purchase (currently, it’s Tech House Mega Pack 2)
  • Free sounds, plugins, templates, and videos
  • Discounts, credits, audio courses, and access to private Discord rooms with premium subscriptions


WA Production offers three subscription packages, including Sounds Pro at $6.90 per month; Champion at $9.90 per month, and Superstar at $19.90 per month. You can always buy sample packs and bundles, even without subscribing to the platform.

What I Like / Dislike About WA Production

Its search function is thoroughly streamlined, allowing you to browse the sample library by genre, type, instrument, or label. You can also use this feature to browse through videos, templates, and bundles, but what makes this platform so great is the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by subscribing to it (Loopademy).

The subscriptions are quite affordable, but in comparison to other SaaS-based loop websites, the number of free content you will receive isn’t exemplary.

Who Is This For?

WA Production is best for musicians that need fresh batches of royalty-free samples each month. The subscription allows you to save money while the frequent updates to the library ensure you will find new loops whenever you look for them.

5. Samples Landr


Samples Landr offers a host of unique sample packs, which you can either buy or get for free after subscribing to the platform.

By making a free account, you can also find numerous free samples and loops; you can download these royalty-free tracks and use them indefinitely.

Aside from sample packs, the Samples Landr platform features a built-in beat builder, numerous plugins, LANDR effects, and loop-based instruments.

Key Features

  • Over a million royalty-free samples
  • Beat builder
  • Chromatic loop-based instruments
  • Hundreds of plugins
  • Landr effects
  • Free DAW companion


Landr offers three subscription plans based on the number of credits you would receive. The first plan costs $5.99 per month and provides 75 credits; the second costs $9.99 per month and provides 200 credits while the last plan costs $49 per year and provides 1,000 credits.

What I Like / Dislike About Samples Landr

The eclectic library of plugins and samples is what I liked about Samples Landr the most. Furthermore, you can play virtual instruments and create new beats with the platform’s inbuilt tools.

While the subscription costs are quite approachable, I don’t like the fact that you get only 75 credits with the cheapest plan.

Who Is This For?

If you’re searching for a platform that you can leverage not only to get free high-quality samples but also to create your own beats, look no further than Samples Landr. I warmly recommend it to everyone, as both its samples and subscription plans are decently affordable.

6. Bandlab Sounds


Bandlab Sounds is arguably the largest platform of free sample packs and bundles on the current market.

Even though this website offers a host of exclusive (paid-for) packs, there are hundreds of free RnB, hip-hop, Lo-Fi, electronic, and trap packs for you to enjoy. As for premium exclusive packs, after you register, you can purchase samples made by renowned producers, such as Tasha Catour, Femme House, or Lex Luger.

Key Features

  • Thousands of free sample packs and sounds
  • Exclusive sound packs made by Lex Luger, Femme House, Tasha Catour, and other reputable producers
  • Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices
  • Music creation and collaboration tools
  • Inbuilt creative tools compatible with BandLab app


BandLab Sounds is a free-to-use platform. You can use the free sample packs by making an account (also free of charge).

What I Like / Dislike About Bandlab Sounds

To sum up the pros and cons in one, the best thing about BandLab sounds is that it offers hundreds of free sample packs that you can use on both mobile and PC devices. Its selection isn’t as versatile in comparison to premium sample pack libraries and websites.

Who Is This For?

BandLab Sounds is ideal for people that are using the BandLab app to create music. It is a decent option for everyone else.

7. Producer Loops


Producer Loops is one of the largest online loop marketplaces out there. With nearly 20 million individual loops and above a million packs, it would take a lifetime to try all products available on the platform.

What makes Producer Loops special is that this website frequently organizes special events, sales, and limited-time offers. Currently, you can buy six individual loops for the price of three, as well as enjoy the “Mega Summer Sale”.

In terms of how eclectic its library is, you will mostly find electronic sample packs on the Producer Loops’ website. It encompasses genres such as drill, Afrotrap, house, dance, deep house, electro, EDM, dubstep, D&B, R&B, dancehall, global, and more.

Key Features

  • Nearly 20 million individual loop tracks
  • The platform offers loops for FL Studio, Battery, Mach Five, SFZ, Soundfont, Ableton Live, Akai, Apple Loops, and more
  • Features loops from Baltic Audio, All Pro Loops, Cartel Loops, Catalyst, Loopoholics, Studio Trap, Prime Loops, and other labels
  • Up to 1 gigabyte of free content available for download


Producer Loops doesn’t offer any subscriptions. You can make a free account and buy any loop packs you want.

What I Like / Dislike About Producer Loops

Producer Loops has partnered with dozens of premier labels and receives hundreds of fresh loop samples almost daily.

Even the most prolific artists couldn’t try them all in one lifetime, as there are over 20 million individual loops on the website. I only disliked the fact that the majority of samples belong to the electronic music genre.

Who Is This For?

If you’re a picky loop “sampler”, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find what you’re after in the Producer Loop’s catalog. It is almost as versatile as it is vast.

8. Looperman


Looperman is a website that offers thousands of free loops, acapella vocal tracks, plugins, and virtual instruments. You can find a range of blues, funk, electronic, dance, RnB, and global beats, tunes, tracks, mixes, and samples on this platform, all of which are free to download and use.

This website also offers a variety of music freeware. Some of these apps are free versions of popular music workstations, such as Audacity, Fabric, Luxon Synth, or Tone Lib.

Key Features

  • Thousands of free beats, samples, mixes, and plugins
  • Music creation freeware versions
  • Vocal acapellas
  • A budding community of musicians and artists


All content on Looperman’s website is free to use and download.

What I Like / Dislike About Looperman

If you’re an artist on a tight budget, you can find all sorts of free loops and samples, as well as programs and plugins on Looperman’s website.

I don’t really like the interface, as it is a bit crowded and hard to navigate until you get accustomed to it.

Who Is This For?

Looperman can complement your music sample library, even if you are already outsourcing other SaaS samples. On its own, it offers numerous free beats, programs, and files that can help you enrich your music.

9. r-loops


R-Loops is an eclectic collection of royalty-free loops and sample packs. You don’t need to subscribe to purchase and use any of its products, which are decently affordable.

This website outsources its loops from a variety of popular labels, including Studio Trap, Fxrbes Beats, SMEMO Sounds, Cartel Loops, Godlike Loops, Sonics Empire, Digit Sounds, Aquila Beats, and more.

Key Features

  • Over 1,000 royalty-free loops and samples
  • Obtains products from Godlike Loops, Digit Sounds, Sonics Empire, Shobeats, RAPP, Jerry Martin Beats, Atlas Audio, Studio Trap, and other popular labels
  • Covers chillout, deep house, cloud rap, cinematic, Afro Trap, Bollywood, Dancehall, D&B, and other genres


R-loops doesn’t offer any subscription packages. Simply create an account, browse through its collection, and purchase the loops you want. They also have an extensive sale section where you can get sample packs at a discount.

What I Like / Dislike About r-loops

The streamlined search function and intuitive UI are the two things I liked about R-loops the most.

The loops and bundles are quite eclectic, and you’ll even be able to find punk, punk rock, and rock beats if you’re into heavier music. Most websites in this review offer far larger libraries, though.

Who Is This For?

If you’re on the market searching for quality royalty-free beats, samples, and loops, I warmly recommend R-loops. It may not have the largest database, but all of its loops are decently affordable and royalty-free.

Wrap Up

You can find the best sample packs in a variety of ways; either subscribe to a platform and use its credits to get massive discounts on selected samples, or go to a sample marketplace to buy individual samples and packs.

The websites I’ve listed in this review are among the finest because they offer the largest libraries of royalty-free samples, affordable packs, value bundles, a variety of utility functions (beat creator, for instance), or all of the above.

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