Learning Guitar with Uberchord in 3 Steps: Chords, Strumming and Songs


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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Berlin-based Uberchord has risen in the global music tech scene ever since their app debuted in the App Store last year. Founded by a small team of music gurus and hobbyist guitar players, Uberchord was designed to entirely replace the traditional guitar learning process.

Uberchord functions as a virtual guitar teacher. It’s mainly aimed at the beginner and intermediate market, but also offers value to advanced guitar player looking to expand their skills and chord vocabulary. Users can embark on different linear lesson plans called learning paths based on their level of experience.

uberchord learning pathStarting with basic open chords and progressing to spidery jazz chords, Uberchord offers a nice selection of lessons to choose from. Alternatively, you can build your own exercises using the Editor mode. Uberchord stresses the importance of practice with daily reminders and prescribed “daily workout” routines that help you to strengthen your weaknesses, whether it be playing chords or improving rhythm.

1. Real-Time Feedback While Playing Chords

A principle aspect of Uberchord’s technology is its sophisticated audio recognition software. Like a real guitar teacher, the app can listen to the user play guitar. This happens through the sensitive microphone of a mobile device, where the audio is then processed by smart software. Uberchord uses this technology to provide immediate and precise feedback to the user, and can also adapt intelligently to an individual’s learning progress.

uberchord chord trainer

Using this information, the software decides on specific sections and exercises to be repeated or changed, as well as providing a detailed tracking of the player’s stats and progress.

2. Strumming Trainer

With version 2.0, Uberchord rolled out their integrated Strumming Trainer, the first of its kind in the world. Whereas the app traditionally focused on chords and fretting hand work, this new feature allows users to strengthen the strumming hand. It does this by translating a strumming pattern into an attractive interface – allowing the user to visualize it in a circular fashion, like never before.

uberchord strumming trainer

3. Song Content

Uberchord drills home its lessons by placing them in the context of a song. After closing a worldwide music licensing partnership deal with Universal Music in 2016, Uberchord loaded its 2.0 update with reams of fully-licensed, popular music that are re-created as high-quality backing tracks for your guitar practice.

uberchord song trainer

Uberchord Tools: Ultra-precise Tuner & Chord Library

Embedded in Uberchord is a highly accurate tuner. This feature utilizes the app’s audio recognition technology to offer a convenient and extremely precise tuning function. It also supports several alternative tunings, from slide-friendly open tunings to exotic world music.

The chord finder feature allows the guitar players to find the fingering of any possible chord that exists on guitar. Type in the chord name or just play into the device’s microphone to discover the chords you may have never learned otherwise.

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