10 Tips to Help You Sing Better

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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Most beginner singers strain to sing high notes and become tired or get a sore throat due to long rehearsals or intense performances. This indicates that they lack the skills, techniques, and stamina that good singers require. To become a professional singer, you should master how to sing with clarity, hit high notes with ease, and master proper breathing.

You can achieve this by working with an excellent online singing lesson that will enhance your singing performance and give you the results you desire. Singing better requires effort and dedication. The good news is that anyone can learn to sing better, especially with the help of online singing lessons Co.  

Top vocal coaches will tell you that the voice is an instrument built inside your body, and to exploit its full potential, you will have to learn how to use it to get the most out of it. Along with having a strong voice and vocal consistency, there are essential things that you should know and do. You can follow some straightforward methods to get a great sound out of your instrument.

You can use the following tips to become a better singer.

1. Warm-up Your Body Before Your Voice

Aerobic exercises to warm up your body before singing is essential because when your body becomes energized, the voice will respond even faster. Sweating is the best indication that your body is warm, hence you can start singing.

2. Release Tension

Doing Yoga before you start singing is one of the best ways to release tension. Deep stretching before you start singing will point you to the area in your body where you’re holding tension. Holding your breath and trying to push the hard pass limit is highly discouraged. Don’t hold your breath. The best practice is to exhale deeper into each stretch gently. You should ensure that your mouth and jaw open and close freely, the facial muscles, tongue, neck, and shoulders should move without tension. Your eyes should also remain relaxed and active.

3. Don’t Take a Breath

Our body is equipped with the best systems that ensure we speak without taking a breath in the middle of a sentence. This is because it knows how much air we require and responds to what we want to say. This same rule also applies to our vocal register. When you actively take a breath, it can cause a lot of tension in your chest, shoulders, and neck. It would help if you first read the lyrics silently, which will help you breathe in as much air as is required for the verse you need to sing.

4. Open Your Mouth

When you don’t hold your breath, an instant connection to your belly moving in and out will be felt. To know if your mouth is wide open, you will experience the same feeling like it does when you’re yawning. Two fingers’ width between your teeth is the best position for singing.

5. Remain Relaxed

Before you start singing make sure to relax your face. Loosen your jaw and neck. Releasing the tension from your jaw and neck area will make you relaxed and ready to sing effortlessly.

6. Speak on the Pitch

When you are singing well, it should feel as if you are speaking. Rest your fingertips on your Adam’s apple to know whether you are singing right. This is where vocal cords are housed. If you swallow, it will move up, and when you yawn and it comes down. Typically, when you speak it remains in place, even though the pitch varies. When you sing, the same thing should happen. Whether you are moving up or down in pitch, it remains the same. Once you relax, your larynx is steady and you can sing the way you speak.

7. Care What You’re Singing About

Your lyrics can either make or break your song. When singing, you should sing about a subject that you are passionate about. This will make your performance successful because your fans will hold on to every word you are putting out there. It also allows your voice to relax and open in response to your thoughts, just as it does when you speak passionately. It’s simply effortless because you feel right about the words that you can relate to.

8. Singers Are Athletes

Singing, just like athletics, is very physical. The singer is required to express passion with their whole body. Singers can bend the knees to fully engage the quads while keeping the upper body relaxed and completely free.

9. Warm Down

Warming down your voice is a very effective way of getting your voice ready for your next performance. You can try humming on low pitches or sliding from your highest, quickly reached note. You can also go down to your lowest note for a few minutes to warm down after a concert. These will help in re-lubricating the exhausted vocal folds and have a comforting outcome.

10. Work With a Good Coach

A great experienced online singing coach can come in handy. Singing coaches know the best practices, vocal techniques, and how to deploy them. To become a good singer your coach will advise if you are on the right track. They can help push you to put in all of your efforts and reach the heights that you never imagined possible.


Hard work pays, but hard work without learning how something is done can not yield meaningful results. Therefore, you need to get an excellent online teacher who will ground you on the fundamentals of becoming a better singer.  Additionally, since singing is a physical thing, you should ensure that you do physical exercises to help you bring out the strength you need when belting out high tones. If you pay attention to the above, then you will indeed become a better singer.

You can also look at the best singers and learn from them. Look at how they sing, study their concerts, and try to work it into your style.

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