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How Good Music Can Improve Students’ Performance in University

Many students think about how to improve their performance in college. Studying for exams, writing assignments, research for your essays, all involve intellectual effort. and when deadlines keep approaching, you might feel stressed and overwhelmed by the huge amount of tasks you have. Well, music seems to be a solution to all these problems.


While there are students who love listening to music as it helps them focus better, others prefer to stay in complete silence as they find music distracting. Listening to music comes with many benefits, it helps you relax, but it can also help you be more productive and accomplish all your tasks. But how good music can improve students’ performance in university, you will find out below. 

The Mozart Myth 

Everyone has heard about the Mozart Effect. It has been said for a long time that listening to classical music by Mozart will increase your IQ. Doctors were encouraging women, back in the 1990s, to place headphones on their bellies so that babies will be smarter when they get born. But some studies proved that this is a myth, as there is no link between Mozart’s music and IQ. So, listening to music will not make you smarter, but it comes with other benefits for students. The Mozart Effect is now known as the Mozart Myth, one of the greatest IQ myths ever. 

Music Boosts Your Mood 

Listening to music might not make you smarter, but it can improve your mood considerably. Depending on what genre of music you are listening to, the right one can fill you with energy and good vibes. And you may wonder why it is important to be in a good mood when you need to study for your exams. Well, many studies have shown that if you are in a good mood, your problem-solving skills are considerably improved. And you surely need this because the complexity of college assignments is quite high. 

But which type of music boosts your mood? Of course, this also depends on each student and his music favorites. But it has been shown that classical and meditation music comes with the most uplifting and happy feelings, also because it triggers the release of dopamine. We all have listened to music and we hear music everywhere we go. But the one that is giving you chills and is upbeat improves your mood and boosts your happiness. This is because it triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin, which evokes feelings of joy and comes with good vibes. And when you are happier and cheerful, you will also be more optimistic, creative, and feel that you have the strength you need to face these challenging academic tasks. By boosting and improving your mood, music can indeed improve students’ performance in university. 

Music Alleviates Stress

When you are a student, stress is a part of your life. You always have something to write, learn about, research, or read. There is always an academic task you still haven’t achieved in the back of your mind that might add up on your stress levels. 

It is important to note that stress in high quantities and for prolonged periods does not do any good. Stress, along with anger, frustration, guilt, exhaustion, lack of sleep, and many more can lead to burnout. Burnout is a real thing that could happen to you. But thankfully, music has been shown to reduce stress levels, so it can help students improve their performance in university. 

Listening to calm, slow, and quiet music can indeed relax both your mind and your body. During tough periods in your academic life, having a relaxing moment can help you focus better afterward. Reducing the levels of stress you are feeling is essential because it clouds your judgment and comes with negative emotions. And all these might distract you from your tasks, be delayed, and so on. 

Music Reduces Anxiety 

Another feeling you may have while you are studying at university is anxiety. Fear is a natural and healthy emotion and it helped our ancestors survive. Fear usually appears when a stimulus is there now, for example, an angry and aggressive dog running towards you. On the other hand, anxiety appears when an imaginary stimulus is present. For example, you may think that you do not have the skills to hold a presentation and that everything will be as bad as it can get. This pattern of thoughts can make anxiety appear, making you perform worse just because you thought you would. Well, music has been shown to reduce anxiety. Which will, in turn, help you concentrate better on your tasks and improve your performance. 

So, what songs should you listen to in order to reduce your anxiety levels? Well, some studies have shown that there is one track in particular that reduced the anxiety of the subjects by up to 65%, which is huge. This song was particularly built with the goal of reducing stress and anxiety and help them relax. Inducing the calm in your body is essential when you feel anxious. Because anxiety comes with physical symptoms too, that might only make anxiety more severe. Weightless by Marconi Union is the song you should listen to in order to reduce your anxiety.  

Essay Writing Help for Students

However, there might be moments when even music can’t help. To face all the academic challenges that lie ahead, you could start looking for an essay service in the UK that helps you with essay writing. Search for the perfect write my essay service team in the UK and you will find a large team of professional and proficient writers ready to help you. Getting professional help will help you learn new writing techniques, which will ultimately improve your skills. And improved skills lead to better performance in university. 

Ending Note 

Music has been shown to improve students’ performance in university. Not through the Mozart Effect, which is known as the Mozart Myth, but by acting on many different levels. Music boosts your mood and fills you with good vibes, which improve your problem-solving skills. Moreover, music alleviates the symptoms of stress and reduces anxiety. And if you feel better, are relaxed, and can focus and find your flow, your performance will improve considerably. 

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