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Top 4 Sources to Learn Guitar Playing Techniques

So you’ve got your first guitar. What’s next? For any beginner, the initial excitement of strumming a chord is usually short-lived. Once you realize that you have to learn how to play complicated chords, you start drifting towards Panic Town. But not for long.

Fortunately, there are several guitar lessons and resources that can take you from a newbie to a pro guitarist in no time at all. Whether you’re an essay writer getting ready to toe the path of guitar learning or looking to brush up on your existing skills, here are some resources that can help you learn and play guitar like a pro.


If you’re looking to get comprehensive guitar lessons, MusicRadar is an excellent choice. It offers YouTube-based guitar lessons that can help you sharpen your playing skills. These lessons include several genres and techniques that cover all the rudiments of guitar playing. 

But that’s not all. Apart from practical knowledge, MusicRadar also offers entertaining shows where hosts and guests talk about demos, complicated playing techniques, and other content that will help you along your journey. 

One great perk of this site is that it also caters to any additional music interests you may have. For instance, if you’re looking to learn how to play drums on the side, you can get learning resources from this channel. 


ShredAcademy is a famous guitar learning resource for beginners and intermediate guitarists. Just like MusicRadar, it is a YouTube-based resource that includes over a hundred guitar lesson videos to set you on the right path. 

With this resource, you’ll never run out of new knowledge, as several instructors will put you through numerous genres and techniques. 

What we love the most about ShredAcademy is that it is entirely free. As such, you don’t necessarily have to cough out hundreds of dollars to learn new techniques. The only downside is that you may have to watch a couple of ads. However, it’s worth it in the end. 

Justin Guitar

If you’ve never touched a guitar before, Justin Guitar is a great place to start. This popular website offers free guitar lessons for both beginners and intermediate learners. 

The lessons are divided into three levels: Beginners Guitar Course, Intermediate Method, and Style Modules. 

The beginner’s course teaches learners the basics of guitar playing, including fundamental theories and techniques. On the other hand, the intermediate course is more suitable for learners who already have some basic skills and want to build on what they have already learned. 

While the intermediate course is mostly free, you will have to purchase some course-inclusive DVDs for further knowledge. 

Fender Play

Fender Play is your go-to resource if you’re looking for highly simplified online guitar lessons. This guitar learning resource helps users to learn exciting techniques when playing the guitar or ukulele. 

It is user-friendly and comes with well-paced lesson plans designed to help users keep up. It also has a comprehensive song library that allows learners to practice a wide range of chords and strums. 

However, like every good thing, Fender Play comes with a downside as well. This learning resource lacks advanced material and, as such, isn’t an excellent choice for intermediate learners. 

Tips for Learning How to Play the Guitar + Useful Techniques

Now that you’re ready to become a pro guitarist, here are some valuable tips that have helped others before you:

Practice Standing up and Sitting Down

Here’s the thing: no one expects you to do a cartwheel, twirl, and split while playing the guitar. However, if you’re going to become a pro guitarist someday, you’ll have to play standing in front of a crowd. 

Unfortunately, playing while standing up is quite different from doing that when sitting down. When you sit on a chair to play, you can easily hunch over to get a view of what your hands are doing. However, while standing up, you can’t see the front of the fretboard as well and your hand placement might feel different

As such, you should get a good guitar strap and regularly practice playing while standing up. This way, you can get used to doing it without fumbling. 

Ditch the Speed 

Sure, every guitar learner wants to be a pro, strumming several riffs in quick succession. However, you might want to put that dream on hold if you’re a beginner. Don’t bother learning how to strum your strings as fast as a rockstar does. Instead, focus on precise fingering. 

When it comes to playing the guitar, what matters is hitting the right notes every single time. Once you’ve got the hang of this, speed will come naturally. So, play slowly at first and learn good playing techniques. In no time at all, you’ll be strumming chords faster than a race car. 

Place Your Fingers Correctly

Over the years, many experts have laid out great techniques for playing specific chords and scales. They involve knowing which fingers should play particular notes. 

However, during your journey to becoming a guitarist, you’ll probably have several Eureka moments when you’ll discover a more effortless playing technique. But don’t fall for it. 

Instead, stick to the correct fingering of chords. Trying to create a customized fingering style could make you unable to play certain variations.

Practice Regularly 

The old saying “practice makes perfect” might be cliché and outdated, but it is still relevant to learning any skill at all. If you’re trying to understand complex playing techniques, a great way to start is by practicing regularly. 

If you can pull off only fifteen minutes every day, you’re already well on your way to becoming a pro. 

Tip: During your practice breaks, you could try listening to acoustic guitar sounds to help you identify new techniques and chords. 


Learning new guitar-playing techniques is only tricky when you don’t have the right resources. Fortunately, we’ve included the best resources and tips to guide you on your learning journey. 

Don’t forget to take regular breaks and listen to good music. This way, you won’t push yourself too hard and burn out. 

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