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JamPlay Membership Giveaway – 3 Chances to Win!

There are quite a few online guitar lessons out there that’ll “guarantee” to teach you how to play guitar. Many of these guitar courses, although may teach you a few tips and tricks, aren’t very comprehensive for the most part or their product quality is sub-par. However, there are a couple of very professional and extensive premium guitar lesson providers out there that I would recommend to anyone – one of which is JamPlay. I recently did a complete JamPlay review and loved what I saw. That’s why I’m happy to announce that I’ll be giving away 3 chances to win a JamPlay membership!

Who Is JamPlay?

jamplay banner

JamPlay is an online premium guitar lessons provider that was founded back in 2006 by three co-founders: Kevin Wimer, Jeff Booth, and Chris Dawson. Since their inception, they’ve been able to grow their service to offer over 5,300+ lessons from 82 different instructors and have grown to a user base of over 450,000 members.

With their huge collection of guitar lessons gathered over the years, they continue to grow their user base and lessons library day-by-day. On average, 5 new lessons are added every week! Whether it be song lessons, style and technique lessons, or artist studies, there’s always something new to learn.

What I believe truly distinguishes JamPlay from other premium guitar lessons providers is that they’ve setup their platform to be very community-focussed. For instance, they offer an impressive schedule of live webcam sessions led by professional guitar instructors to help you out if you have any question or want to learn something new. They also hold frequent live courses, have a live JamPlay chat feature, and allow you to comment or ask questions directly to the instructor of a particular lesson.

Brief JamPlay Course Overview

JamPlay offers an immense amount of tools and “extras” besides just your basic core guitar lessons. As you can see from the screenshot of the JamPlay dashboard below, the main guitar lessons component is broken into 4 phases:

  • Beginners
  • Genres & Skills
  • Songs
  • Songwriting

jamplay dashboard

Each one of these phases offers lesson bundles provided by a variety of instructors. For instance, if you click on phase 2 (Genres & Skills) and want to learn how to play Blues guitar, then you have the option to choose who you want to learn from between 14 different instructors.

The 4 phases are obviously just a small section of what JamPlay offers. As you can see, you also have access to the artist series section, a library of riffs and licks, interviews, tools, live courses, and more. As mentioned above, check out my full JamPlay review if you want to learn everything you need to know about what JamPlay has to offer.

Enter the JamPlay Giveaway

For this giveaway, you have 3 chances to win a FREE JamPlay membership. I’m going to be giving away the following:

  • One 1-month membership
  • One 3-month membership
  • One 1-year membership

So if you’re ready to win yourself a free membership to one of the most popular online guitar lesson providers in the world, enter the giveaway below. Once the giveaway is over, I will randomly pick one winner and reach out to him/her directly.

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Good luck everyone 🙂

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