Intuition Guitar Book Giveaway – 3 Chances to Win (2 Free Books Per Winner)!

intuition guitar book giveaway

Written by: Cody

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

We all know there are various ways guitar players can go about finding educational material. There’s audio, video, online blogs, books, in-person teachers, etc. However, regardless of which medium you choose, the most important factor is that the material being taught is valuable and digestible. Intuition Guitar specializes in providing high-quality print and ebooks for guitarists of various skill levels. That’s why I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving away 3 chances to win 2 free books of the winners’ choice from Intuition Guitar’s complete collection. Online Singing Lessons

About Intuition Guitar

Intuition Guitar offers a collection of guitar and bass lesson books for beginner and intermediate players. Content is laid out in an easy to read format and each book contains three important features:

  • They are graphically detailed to help visual learners get a better grasp of the concepts explained
  • Musical pieces are used throughout the books to provide more context to what you’re learning
  • Downloadable mp3 are included with a demo and backing track so you can play along

Here are a few sample pages of their “Learn to Play Guitar” book:

play guitar book sample 1
play guitar book sample 2
play guitar book sample 3

Available Books

Intuition Guitar currently offers 11 books in total. Titles and short descriptions of each book can be found below:

  • Learn to Play Guitar – A comprehensive guide.
  • Guitar Chords for Beginners – Chords arranged in easy fingerings for beginners. Open chords and more.
  • Chords for Guitar – Over 200 movable shapes based on the CAGED sytem for over 60 types of chord.
  • 3 Shape Fretboard – Scales and arpeggios as variants of 3 shapes of the fundamental major scale.
  • Guitar for Kids – A guitar book for Kids on the first steps in learning to play.
  • Stretching Exercises – A compact 32 page guide that can be used as part of a healthy practise regime.
  • Modal Guitar Licks – Original guitar licks from the Modes of the Major scale in Rock, Jazz, Metal, Funk Blues and Country styles.
  • Jazz Guitar Licks – Original Jazz guitar licks from the Major, Harmonic and Melodic minor scale.
  • Strumuscript – Manuscript for strummed guitar. Write down your strumming patterns.
  • How to Play Bass – For the Bassist looking to progress their skills and knowledge.
  • Bass Guitar Lines – Original Bass Guitar Lines in tablature and notation.

What People are Saying About Intuition Guitar Books

From browsing his site, I can see that Gareth from Intuition Guitar has received a lot of positive feedback from both professionals in the industry and students who have purchased his books. Here are a few reviews that stood out to me.

Review #1: Learn to Play Guitar Book

“I think this book is great. It covers all the stuff I teach, in a really clear but detailed way. I always find that different people take different amounts of theory to others, but this would be a great book to keep referring back to during lessons and song learning. It’s pretty much exactly how I would make a guitar tutor book.” – Kieran Wade, Guitar Tutor and Performer

Review #2: 3 Shape Fretboard Book

“A logical and thorough approach to understanding scales, intervals and arpeggios on the guitar. All related to the universal CAGED idea of fretboard layout. Plenty to study and apply to your playing.” – Hedley Timbs BA(Mus), Grad.Dip. Teaching

Review #3: Chords for Guitar Book

“Gareth Evan’s guitar chord book is one of the most thorough and in-depth books I have ever seen. If you’re armed with one of these books, you will have everything you will ever require to know all about chords.” – Tony Cox – Award winning Acoustic Guitarist

Enter the Intuition Guitar Book Giveaway

For this giveaway, there will be 3 winners who will each win their pick of any 2 books available on Guitar Intuition! So if you’re ready to win yourself some great books for learning how to play guitar enter the giveaway below. Once the giveaway is over, I will randomly pick 3 winners and reach out to them directly.

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About Cody
Cody is the founder of Musician Tuts, a free tutorial hub for musicians. He has over 15 years of experience playing a variety of instruments and dabbling in audio engineering. He spends his days blogging, listening to Spotify, and playing music.

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    Modal guitar licks definitely would be a winner.

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    Modal licks or jazz licks would be great to add to my toolbox!

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    I’ve been meaning to delve into the CAGED system . . . this may be my best chance.

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    Ireally want to know more about the 3 Shape Fretboard book !

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    I’d really like the “Learn to Play Guitar” book. It looks really comprehensive, and would probably teach me better than my sister can!

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    That book relly seemed interesting to me

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    Modal guitar licks definitely would be a winner.

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    At age 64 I have decided to learn guitar…..any book would help….the learn to play guitar for starters I think


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