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Best Practices for Learning How to Write Lyrics

Many music students often enjoy listening to great songs. They desire to know how to write lyrics well and tell whether a song is good or not. Some students know that a good song is one that expresses their feelings and moves others emotionally.

However, what matters more is not to identify the features of a good song but how to write the lyrics. There are some practices that you can adopt to create lyrics that can influence the audience to listen.

Song Title

Aim to create a subject that represents what you want to say in your song. Start by writing down some ideas and then put them together. These ideas can help you to develop a title that is in line with the subject. Starting with the title may help you to remain focused, define the emotional feel, and suggest some ideas. 

A song title makes up the punch line and it may also be related to the main subject. A good title is important because it shows what the song is about in summary and then captures the listeners’ imagination. The title should also be short, catchy, and memorable. 

Songs Structure

One of the most important aspects of songwriting is the structure. The structure is like a path that leads the listeners through the song from the beginning to the end. As a music student, cultivate a habit of going through songs to identify how they are structured. If you are given assignments by your professors, do it well or look for someone to help you. 

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Request Feedback

It is easy for you not to tell if a song is good or bad unless you get feedback from others. In the course of your practice, you can ask your fellow students and tutors to give you honest feedback. Ask them to give you valuable opinions and constructive criticism. 

You can also find other songwriters and ask them to evaluate your lyrics as this can give your work some boost. The feedback may give you some insights on how you can improve the lyrics. Avoid presenting the song to a person who may be afraid to hurt you as they give you an opinion. 

Incorporate Your Opinions in Writing

Decide the type of music you are interested in and identify the types of lyrics you like. Consider yourself as a growing artist desiring to continue learning as you take your music to the next level after graduating. As an artist, you can incorporate your own opinion in your lyrics. Don’t allow anyone to influence your writing style. 

You may inquire from your teachers and fellow students but, while you take their advice, follow your path. If, for instance, you want to promote the philosophy, listen to famous philosophical songs and look for similarities with what you already have. Look for trends in such songs and evaluate the writers’ style.

Focus on Conversational Quality

You should write as if you are speaking. Relate songwriting with how you tell stories, write English statements and engage in meaningful conversations with others. In lyrics writing, you need those communication skills. Avoid getting so poetic and obscenely abstract and try to be real.

Ensure that the content makes sense, focus on what you want to say, and don’t twist the language. A great lyric is authentic and thus, it is important to write as if you are telling a story to a group of people. Authenticity has been a major success factor in songwriting. 

You can take advantage of new technologies to create authentic pieces and continue with the same in production.


Writing lyrics requires you to assume the role of an artist even while in school. You should identify what you want to say and apply your language skills to communicate the message authentically. Pay attention to the structure of the song and ask for feedback from people you trust. Don’t forget that your opinion matters in determining the writing style because your lyrics must be unique.

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