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12 Guitar Memes All Guitarists Can Relate To

You love memes and you’re a guitarist? Check out these 12 guitar memes that any guitarist can definitely relate to.

1. Spending hard earned cash is just so much easier when it’s on new gear

2. You can’t help but cringe when someone changes your amp settings

3. You know a few clever guitar puns 😉

funny guitar meme

4. You stay up late playing when everyone else is gone to sleep

5. Buying guitars – it’s a dangerous addiction

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6. Every. Freaking. Time

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7. This. This is the worst

8. Said no guitarist ever #yeahright

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9. Sell my guitars? Say what now?

10. Me want. Now.

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11. Sell the old guitar? Nope, we’re all one big happy growing family

12. The sweet sweet sound of new strings

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