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7 Styles of Music to Help You Focus While Writing

What’s the one thing many of us tend to do when walking, studying, or working? Listen to music. Music is an integral part of our lives. It relieves our stress and boosts our productivity. Listening to music is an everyday activity for lots of people. And students are not an exception. Studying at home is a genuine challenge. We encounter numerous distractions that make us ultimately think, “how can I write my essay effectively and quickly?” The answer is: listen to music! Let’s look at the best music styles to help you focus when working on your assignments.

Is There a Best Music Genre?

There is no universal music genre that works best for writing. Every style is unique, and it depends on the person’s musical taste. Whatever type you prefer – be it blues, acoustic background music, rock, or hip hop-make sure it is energizing, not overpowering. Excessively high energy levels lead to low efficiency. Instead of being pumped by the song, you sing it, forgetting about the task.

Folk & Indie

In our opinion, folk and/or indie kick off the list of the best music genres for writing because they are mellow and free from harshness. Such music won’t disturb you with high pitch and the use of overbearing bass instruments. 

However, folk and indie may sometimes have a downside. They are heavy on lyrics. If you have to write an essay or a blog post, these genres are your go-to. In other cases (e.g., book report or coursework), it won’t be the best choice. 


Instrumentals are an excellent alternative for those who appreciate classical music. Not only does such music help you remain focused, but instrumentals also develop your musical taste. Many people claim that listening to music oversaturated with words is ineffective. And they seem to be right. Such songs can easily lower our productivity. And even though we might enjoy the working process, it doesn’t always correlate with high performance. 

The best instrumental music is jazz and classical, undoubtedly. Many radio stations offer mountains of such music. But even if you don’t like listening to songs that are considerably older than your parents, don’t worry. The Internet contains plenty of modern instrumental music that will do the job.

Foreign Music

Listening to music in a foreign language is similar to listening to instrumental music. Although they have lyrics, you don’t understand a bit of what it is about. Realizing that mutes the words and lets you focus on your work. It is exhilarating to listen to music that is not English. Aside from the lyrics, you learn how the song goes and what a singer tries to say. Most importantly, you stay concentrated and can write without being distracted.

Video Game & Movie Soundtracks

Why not combine helpful with pleasant? If you play video games (or used to), look for soundtracks from your favorite game. Oftentimes, such music is instrumental, which will provide you with nothing but enough energy to handle any task.

Likewise, you can look for movies with beautiful soundtracks. For example, soundtracks from Interstellar are very calming and melodic. Think of movies you like and find the list of songs that appeared in the film. You will be surprised by how awe-inspiring they are!

Ambient Noise 

Seriously, ambient noise? That’s the question people might ask. Indeed, it can seem weird, but the fact is, listening to ambient noise is a common strategy people use to increase their productivity and do away with the chaos. 

Choosing a specific noise (yes, there are several types) will help you clear your head and focus on an important task. Listening to ambient noise is not uncommon.

Nature-Based Soundtracks

Another great genre is nature sounds. Living in bustling cities, we often lack and miss natural sounds. Sounds of the wind, rain, thunderstorm, and bonfires are authentic and created by mother nature. Listening to them is a pure joy that will help you produce flawless papers and make you feel as though you are in a forest or a summer house far from the city.

Low Fidelity

Lo-fi is an up-and-coming genre that appeared not so long ago. Although it is not affluent lyrics-wise, lo-fi is very helpful for studying, working, and relaxing. You can find myriads of lo-fi songs on the Internet. They are straightforward, but the beauty is in simplicity, right?

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