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Guitar Pedal Giveaway: Donner Tube Drive Nano

Every guitarist needs a good assortment of guitar pedals to allow them to experiment with different sounds. Pedals allow us to replicate the sound qualities of certain songs or inspire us to come up with a completely new sound. There are literally thousands upon thousands of guitar pedals available, however, most guitarists just need a handful to pull off the sound they’re looking for. One guitar effect pedal that is extremely popular amongst guitarists is the overdrive or a tube drive pedal.

That’s why today, I’m excited to announce a giveaway for a tube drive effect pedal by the guitar equipment company – Donner.

Who Is Donner?

donner banner

Donner is a relatively new guitar equipment manufacturing company that sells a wide range of guitar-related gear such as:

  • Guitar Pedals,
  • Guitar Straps,
  • Power supplies and adapters,
  • Stage equipment, and so much more

Donner is based in China and is working hard to contribute to the on-going innovation process of guitar effect pedals. That’s why they’ve created their line of mini guitar effects pedals called the Donner Nano Series. These guitar pedals are super small. I mean super small! Their dimensions are: 75mm (D)*36mm (W)*40mm (H) and weigh only about 210 grams with the box! However, as you’ll see below, although they’re mini, they pack a punch.

Furthermore, by making these pedals extra small, Donner is able to sell them at a lower price than what you might usually pay for a larger pedal that does the same thing. Currently, they have 7 nano pedals in their series: booster boost, metal head, ripple classic tremolo, looper, tube drive, tutti chorus, wave analog. All pedals currently retail at $37 USD; a very reasonable price.

All About the Donner Tube Drive Nano Pedal

For this giveaway, a lucky someone will win the Donner Tube Drive pedal. This pedal is great for any guitarist who wants to give their sound an extra kick. This pedal gives guitarists a tube overdrive tone and comes with 3 function knobs:

  • Volume: used to set the output volume
  • Tone: used to set the effect brightness
  • Gain: used to set the gain of distortion

Additionally, this nano pedal also gives you two additional switch functions: normal and boost, just in case you need an even bigger sound. If you’d like to hear how the Donner tube drive nano pedal sounds, check out the video below which gives an overview.

Enter the Donner Guitar Pedal Giveaway!

For this giveaway, you have the chance to win the Donner tube drive nano pedal (as shown above). So if you’re ready to win yourself an awesome mini effect pedal that packs a punch, enter the giveaway below. Once the giveaway is over, I will randomly pick one winner and reach out to them directly via email.

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Good luck everyone!

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